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Aloha Everyone! First and foremost, my name is Ann Upton, and I’m a full time artist, wife and mom to five children. I fell into art almost two years ago during a healing journey after an ICU stay from Lyme Disease. I took up painting as a form of therapy to rehabilitate my body, and quickly found myself creating art everyday. What started as working part time in my garage has turned into a full time career that supports my family.

Over the last year my business has grown to where I have shipped my art to all seven continents, yes even Antarctica, and 35 countries. I’ve grown my instagram to almost 150,000 followers in 18 months, and my work has been featured by George Takei, Insider Art, Tastemade Home and more. I’m known for my signature Hawaii inspired beaches, waves, delicate “lacing”, as well as my beautiful functional art.

The last two years has been filled with mastering every aspect of resin and growing a successful business from the ground up. I’m entirely self taught, with absolutely no formal art training, just lots and lots of trial and error. I am at a point in my journey where I have figured out all the tips, tricks and secrets to working with resin and the best way to teach them to others. Resin is an incredibly challenging medium, but so rewarding once you understand some basic principles. I believe that knowledge is meant to be shared, and this is a guiding principle for not only my art, but life.

The resin course is geared not only for the absolute beginner with resin, but for anyone that wants to take their resin art to the next level. This course will teach you everything you need to know about getting started, as well as all the secrets behind my work. Beginners and established artists alike will find something that speaks to them in this course. The kit works perfectly with the course, and is filled with the exact same products I use on my own work. I can absolutely promise and guarantee the quality of the kit and that the kit bundled with the course will be everything you need to create beautiful art.

You can find the course, here!

This course covers: resin mixing, adding pigments, prepping your surface, safety precautions, pouring resin, basic beaches, lacing, waves, layering, common mistakes, curing issues, FAQ and so much more. Another aspect of my course is how to incorporate resin with fluid acrylic paintings. There are lots of tips included, like why you can’t use silicon with resin, and how to successfully finish an acrylic painting with resin in one layer. The possibilities with the course are endless, and once you master these basics, you can truly make anything.

Don’t forget the added bonus when you enroll in the class that you will have access to an exclusive group of like minded resin artists, and unlimited access to myself for questions. Can’t wait to see you there!

Love + Aloha

Ann Upton Art


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