The Purple Pour Project: The Final Pour!

This is it! The culmination of many hours of pouring, tilting, and cup lifting. Over the last four weeks you got to see me make four purple paintings. The idea was to create four similar but different paintings and send a photo of each one to see which painting my client liked best. Once she chose a favorite I would create  a much larger version for her to give to her daughter. You can see the four different styles down below. Each of these were created on a 16”x20” canvas.

The Purple Swipe from Center

Purple Pour 1

The Classic Swipe

Purple Pour 2

Straight Pour with Tilting

Purple Pour 3

The Classic Flip Cup

Purple Pour 4

My friend chose the classic flip cup! I was so happy because that was my favorite painting as well. There is something really nice about the simplicity and directness of the simple flip cup pour. I love how it feels like it creates itself. Today you will see a video of me turning a huge three foot by four foot canvas into a gigantic piece of poured purple art.

I have made several large paintings in the past but I wanted to try something new with this project. I wanted to cover 12 square feet of canvas with one huge cup of paint. A reasonable person would mix several cups and flip them each individually onto the canvas. In this video you will see me mix up and layer 3/4 of a gallon of paint and then defy Murphy’s Law and do one massive flip.

This painting took a lot of prep but in the end it was incredibly fun and satisfying. Even though it took a lot of work to make the four practice paintings I think it was worth it because my client was totally happy with my first attempt on the large canvas.

I hope you enjoy the video. The video includes several hints and tips for making a large work of art. This video is longer than most of my previous videos but I think the time it takes to view the creation of this painting gives you some idea about the amount of prep time it took to have a successful outcome.

Thank you again for watching these last few weeks and I really appreciate all the positive comments so many viewers have made. I love our pouring community!

Here is a photo of my friend with her new painting. We decided to name it “Carolyn’s Universe”.

featured image

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  1. Gorgeous work. Impressed that you didn’t fiddle with corners. It allows the Pour to express itself honestly.

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