Long Summer, a Work of Resin Art

Hello all! My name is James, I am a self taught artist from the UK and this is my very first entry on Acrylicpouring.com. I would like to share with you the creation of my favorite resin piece— Long Summer.

Supplies I Used:

  • Acrylic paint in black, Bahama blue, red wine, and cadmium deep hue yellow
  • Faux Rizzle resin

I begin my process by creating a fiberboard box which is used from upcycled material. The boxes that are created can vary in size depending on the individual piece. Long Summer’s box was created and measured 60cmx22cmx5cm. Once constructed the boxes are then primed and finished generally with white spray paint on both back and sides— the box is now ready.

LongSummer2 LongSummer3 LongSummer4

The next step would be to find a leveled surface (normally my dining room table) followed by using masking tape to cover the sides of the box— this prevents any unwanted paint residue running down the clean white sides. The box is then placed on four reusable plastic cups so it is elevated from the surface of the table. 

Now for the fun bit…Paint! 

First of all, I get a reusable plastic cup, my selection of chosen colors, as well as my pouring medium. I mix a small amount of pouring medium with each individual color with a drop of water to create the perfect consistency. 

The front of the board is then completely covered in the white colored paint mix to create a negative background. The next step is to start adding color. This particular painting I created five blooms of color by pouring on each individual color on top of the last, starting with black followed by Bahama blue, red wine and cadmium deep hue yellow. Once the colors have been poured I then proceeded to manipulate the paint with air blown through a straw— to create the petals of the bloom. I then add white paint (this time without any pouring medium) to the center of each bloom— this creates a crackle effect once dry. 


The next stage is to let the artwork cure for 24 hours. Once cured, the masking tape from the edges of the box can be carefully removed, the edges of the top of the box can then be trimmed and cleaned— to create a crisp edge. 

Now the final process can begin. The box will now be re-elevated on the table and the sides re-masked. I will then use my favorite resin by Faux Rizzle. This particular brand makes three different types of resin. The resin which I choose to use on all of my paintings is Faux Rizzle Art Resin UV. I find this resin produces the sharpest and shiniest finish. The mix of resin is one to one with the hardener, I mix the two products thoroughly— making sure I scrape the sides of the cup— this prevents unmixed resin being used. Once mixed, the resin is then poured onto the surface of the painting and then leveled with a palette knife, finally the surface is then gently heated with a blowtorch in order to remove all air bubbles from the resin. 

The resin is then cured for two days, before removing the masking tape from the sides and a final clean up. Once completed, I will always polish the surface of each painting before they are then presentable.


Thank you for taking the time to read my first article and I really hope you have enjoyed learning about the process of how Long Summer was created. All of my art can be found on my Instagram: @jtappenden71 please feel free to check it out.


34 thoughts on “Long Summer, a Work of Resin Art”

  1. What a beautiful piece of art, James! I love the color & design, along with the use of white. I’m experiencing this weekend with negative space but I am dealing with cracking. Would love to know what brand of white paint you used. Thanks!

    1. James Tappenden

      Hi Julia. Thank you. The white I use is system3 acrylic.
      If you add liquitex pouring medium to your paint it will stop it cracking. Happy pouring. ????

  2. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Can you tell me what you mean by polishing? I also find my resin dries nice and shiny but can remain a bit sticky if, for example, you place a coffee cup on the coaster I made. It sometimes sticks slightly. Any advice. I will follow you on Instagram!

    1. James Tappenden

      Hi Linda. Thank you for your comments.
      Once the resin has cured I polish it with a duster and spray furniture polish. That should stop the sticky feel. ????

  3. Just wondered why you don’t resin the sides of your painting?
    I haven’t started using resin and I’m a bit nervous so I don’t want to make a costly mistake.

    1. James Tappenden

      Hi Lisa. The reason why I keep the sides clean is because I like my art to be sharp and to run it down the side takes a lot more resin and it’s difficult to make the resin faultless on the sides is a bit hit and miss. Thank you for reading my piece.

    1. James Tappenden

      Hi Mary. Thank you.
      I polish my art with spray furniture polish and a duster.

  4. Hi James, great work. I’m a beginner pouring artist. You’ve given a good description on how to prepare and finish the artwork. Thank you.

    1. James Tappenden

      Hi Huma. I use Faux Rizzle art resin. If you use my code JAMES15 you can get 15% discount on their website. When it’s cured I just use furniture polish and a duster.

  5. Carol McCollum

    James, good job on your first article, and the painting! Thank you for sharing! I see I am not the only person that would like to know what you mean when you mentioned that you ‘polish the surface’. Please let us know!!

    1. James Tappenden

      Hi Carol. Thank you for your comments. I use spray furniture polish and a duster.

    2. James Tappenden

      Hi Carol. When I say polish I mean just a can of spray furniture polish and a duster. Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

  6. Hi James this looks interesting. Yet an other idea for fluid acrylic art. May I ask where you purchase the scoreboard boxes and an idea of prices for them ? Nell

  7. Hi James this looks interesting. Yet an other idea for fluid acrylic art. May I ask where you purchase the boxes and an idea of prices for them ? Nell.

  8. Hi James,

    Thought your art work was stunning. Also I see you come from Kent. I used to live a few doors away from the Tappendens and remember Penny. Maybe you are related.

    1. James Tappenden

      Hi Eileen. Thank you for your kind words. Sorry but I don’t know Penny????

  9. Christina cleary

    That would have to be my favourite piece of this type of art. There are many I like, but I love tis one.

  10. Chrissie Seager

    Hi James, Well done for sharing this article. As you know I love your work and I’m so pleased to see that you are spreading your wings and sharing it with a wider audience. I remember seeing this painting at your exhibition and wondering how you achieved the ‘crackle’ effect. I look forward to seeing more of your work on these pages. Happy painting.

    1. James Tappenden

      Thank you so much. Please free to check out my Instagram account @jtapenden71 for more.

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