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Redoing an Acrylic Funnel Pour

There’s a quote I like to think of every now and then by Samuel Beckett: “try again, fail again. Fail better.” and if that’s not true of art then I don’t know what he was talking about! 

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So immediately after my last funnel pour I realized I still had plenty of paint left, and even though it was from a failed recipe I couldn’t let it go to waste. With a little tweaking, adding a new color in to the mix and a can do attitude I managed to salvage my paint cups. The consistency was amazing and it was a bunch of colors I was really excited about. What got me even more excited was when I started to pour into my funnel the paint didn’t seep out the bottom like it had the first two times! 

I lifted my funnel and instant green cells started to pop through the blue. Such a good sign and a really good look, in my opinion. The pink started to do the same after some tilting and turning, these colors were really doing wondrous things together, it was like a slightly neon peacock tail. I always love it when pink and green work well together, I know they shouldn’t and it’s a recipe for brown but I think they just look so great and fresh when everything pans out.

After plenty of tilting it became clear that this wasn’t going to spread to the entire canvas, and I was afraid to try and ruin what I’d managed to accomplish. But now I’m thinking that this extra white space is just the perfect size for a quote, maybe something like: “try again, fail again. Fail better.”

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