Product Review: Pigment Powders Canada

I always like the opportunity to review products. I think that, as an artist and a consumer, a company asking for your opinion about something is kind of cool, am I right? Recently, Pigment Powders Canada asked me to review a selection of their glitters, micas and pigments and of course, I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on something new (to me, at least).

What are Pigment Powders and Micas?

Pigment powders and micas have a lot of applications on the creative plane. If you’re a soapmaker, you can use micas to create beautiful swirls and designs in your soap. If you create your own makeup or nail polish, you can customize your own shades and hues. And, if you’re an artist, you can mix pigment powders, micas and glitters with resin or pouring medium to create stunning custom colors.

Why use them?

You might be asking, why not just use paint? Fair question!

I’ve used acrylic paint in resin with varying degrees of success. Depending on the paint colors, sometimes it doesn’t mix quite right, or the color isn’t quite as vibrant as when I began mixing. Resin heats up quite a bit, and sometimes this also has an adverse effect on paint. Lastly, when I’ve used acrylic paint in my resin, I’ve sometimes gotten pits and dips in certain colors, namely white.

Pigment powders and micas, when very, very fine, mix perfectly with resin and pouring medium–and a little goes a long way. For example, I experimented with products from Pigment Powders Canada on 4”x4” ceramic tiles. Per one and a half to two ounces of resin, I used about two scoops of pigment measured with a .05 gram mini spoon. That is a tiny amount! This was a pleasant surprise for me, since I feel like someone comes into my studio when I go to sleep and empties my paint bottles… I go through a lot.

Pigment Powders Canada

Let’s talk specifically about Pigment Powders Canada for a minute.

First, if you’re US-based, don’t let the name be a red flag; Pigment Powders Canada ships internationally and I was pleased to find that they ship for free. They have over 100 pigment colors, and 12 different glitters to choose from, so you’re likely to find the colors you need.

I was also pleasantly surprised to receive my package quickly. I’ve had a few issues with smaller supply businesses in the past waiting a week or two before sending a product–something I can completely understand, since running a small business is very tough. But with Pigment Powders Canada, I ordered and in less than a week, my order was at my door.

Specific Products

Canada Image1

For the purpose of this review, I experimented with a few different products:

  • Glitter: gold, red, silver, and gunmetal
  • Pigments: white, blue, red, purple, gray, turquoise and Sangria


I am always on the hunt for glitter. I know I’m in good company when I say that I have amassed more glitter than I could ever use, but it’s just so pretty. I’m especially always on the lookout for ultra fine glitters to incorporate in thin lines in my pours and resin pieces.

Although the glitter from Pigment Powders Canada isn’t ultra fine, it still has a fine consistency that made it very easy to mix with resin. The glitter was uniform in size and reflectivity, and made a wonderful addition to my first geode pieces. Personally, my favorite was the gunmetal shade… I have been searching for a deep gray to add to my marble pours, and I think gunmetal is just the ticket.

Canada Image2


I wanted to try out a good range of shades, and I wasn’t disappointed with the turnout.

For my first experiment, I used turquoise and gray, along with gunmetal glitter. The turquoise was beautiful and, although I could have used more, the color was bright and true. The gray was slightly larger in granule size and this posed an issue when I tried to mix it thoroughly with the resin; there was some separation. Whether this was my inexperience with pigments or the product, I can’t be sure.

For my second experiment, I used the red pigment and red glitter. That red is hot! I have such a hard time finding true reds, the type that assert themselves firmly as the showcase of the piece, and I was thrilled to find this red pigment. I will definitely be experimenting with this more in future pieces, because the colors is absolutely stunning.

Canada Image3

I also experimented with blue and purple; I have a few small silicone crystal molds and I mixed a small amount of blue and purple and poured them in. The colors were perfectly opaque and bold, and the consistency was even and particle free.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to take the techniques you’ve learned in acrylic pouring and expand into resin work, or into making your own colors using pouring medium, consider giving Pigment Powders Canada a try. Aside from their fast and free shipping and color selection, the owner has been very responsive to any questions I have, and supporting small businesses is so very important.

Would you like to see a product reviewed? Let us know!

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