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If you love to paint or are interested in starting, then come and join us on Facebook. We have a new group, called Acrylic Pouring, and will be building a fun community of like-minded artists and hobbyists. It’s brand new, just opened today so naturally, it will be a little quiet to start with, but isn’t it great to get in early and be a founding member.  We can shape the group to be exactly what we want it to be – an online painting club where we can support and encourage each other, learn from each other, and share our successes.

  • Just made your first sale? Share it in the group.
  • Just made your first cells? Yay for you! Do show us a picture.
  • Tried a new product and had great success? Let us all know.
  • Tried something and it didn’t work out? Experimenting is what takes art forward. Let us know what does and doesn’t work for you and help others avoid costly paint mistakes.
  • Need advice about your painting or a critique? Great, we look forward to helping out.
  • Want to teach us? We would love to see your videos or advice.
  • Love to go live? Excellent, we all love to watch other people pour and learn more about their techniques, color choices and more.

Please come and join us, and share some of your work.


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