Primary Color Spinning Record Pour – Again

Oh no not that ugly old thing again I hear you cry! Fear not, I hope that I’ve learned some lessons since the last primary color spinning record pour that ended up not looking so bright after all.

This time I have a plan to keep the colors more separate. Hahahahaha. And you must be laughing so hard. A plan – really? Those never work out. I should know better by now. If I never told you what I intended to do, I could just pretend that how it came out was exactly what I intended and keep it a little secret that it was nothing like my plan. But I’m just too honest ๐Ÿ™‚  It’s far more fun to tell you what I want to happen, then watch it all go completely in another direction, and love it or hate it anyway.

Acrylic pouring a spiral on a spinning [easyazon_link identifier=

I created three different dirty pour cups for this one.

Cup1 – titanium white, bright red and warm red

Cup 2 – titanium white, chrome yellow, and lemon yellow

Cup 3 – titanium white, ultramarine blue, and cobalt blue

As usual, things didn’t go entirely to plan – check out the video below.

So in the end, I kept going, had thankfully mixed plenty of paint, and all came out well in the end. In fact, very well I think. Again, I’m going to tell you that this latest painting has become one of my favorites. Even my husband loves this one and asked if we will put it up on the wall. That is the highest praise I think I have ever had from him about my paintings. Maybe I should ask if he wants to buy it!

As usual, you can find lots of pictures, both wet and dry, and closeups of the details, in the slideshow below.

8 thoughts on “Primary Color Spinning Record Pour – Again”

  1. Marilyn Johnson

    Hi Deby,

    What a fun and interesting painting! The varnish looks so smooth with no brush strokes. Can you tell us what varnish you used? I always look for that info. when I see such smooth varnishing.
    Many thanks!


  2. I’ve just discovered pouring paint and I love how it looks. I haven’t done anything myself yet but am planning to do so. Could you just explain what a dirty pour is. I’m getting silicon tomorrow, I’ve already got a few paints as I try to do a bit of painting, not very good though. Look forward to your reply. Regards from Val hall

    1. Hi Val. I have an article about exactly that here – What is a dirty pour? It does take a little while to get the feel of things, and try out different things to see what works for you, but I know you’ll have fun learning.

  3. Peggy Linda Hansen

    Have you ever tried taping over the label and then painting? I have done two experiments, one painting over the tape and one not and both times I took the tape off when the paint was wet. I liked the process of taking the tape off without the paint on it but the design of painting over the tape but it’s so messy trying to get the tape off. Your thoughts?

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