A Circle Swipe With Primary Colors

I’ve been looking for some inspiration lately, so I was going through the YouTube channel for acrylicpouring.com when I found Steve’s Summer Wave video. The wave gave me a new idea, since I didn’t have many oceanic colors at my disposal but lots of primary colors to choose from I decided to do something of a circle swipe. 

Supplies I Used:

Back in my water color days, I used to tinker with circular continuous brush strokes with layering colors. And since acrylic pouring is all about layering color and there’s a technique specifically for a continuous stroke in this art style I decided to give it a go. I’d tried a circle swipe before but was flying rather blind so this time I used a wave swipe as a template, as it ends on the canvas rather than off like a traditional swipe. I started out by prepping my canvas with some white and making a little staggered puddle for my colors. I knew this puddle wouldn’t drag all the way around but I wanted to create a little trail for myself so I could add more paint along the way and go for another swipe. 

CircleSwipe1 CircleSwipe2

Since I had so much red left as my swipe color I decided to put little splashes of green, blue, and yellow on the trail and swipe from the other direction. I continued to swipe at different parts of the circle until it had just the shape I wanted. Of course it wasn’t a perfect circle, but that’s what I always liked about my brush stroke experiments, the little offshoots and extra lines. 

CircleSwipe3 CircleSwipe4 CircleSwipe5

The cells that came about were a beautiful surprise and I even loved having the line for where my swipe rag began the whole thing. And since I had a little left in my cups I decided to take the brush I used to prep my canvas and make little ripple lines on the white space of the canvas. Trying this technique out brushed some of the dust off of something I’ve loved in my artistic past and something I hope to make more part of my future. Next time I think I’ll try a more monochromatic color scheme and maybe a different tool so I have more control over the circular motion. 


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  1. This looks great, I am very new to the wonderful world of art/dirty pouring and loving every time (most everyday) I work on a piece. Not sure yet how to show some of you what I am doing. Never done much on the computer except billing when I had a business. Would love to show some of the art I have hanging in my studio, just not sure how to send it just to other artist. If someone can give me info on that subject if would be great to see what you guys could help me with. Your all so so talented, love everything you do and have helped me get better I think.

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