Pour it Out: the Benefits of Turning Stress into Art

Hello, fellow humans, and welcome to another Pour it Out! A lot, and I mean a lot has happened since our last edition. I think it goes without saying that the world has been an uncertain place, and all of us have been along for a very strange and unnerving ride.

We are fortunate, as artists, to have a beautiful gift; the gift to express your emotions with colors and movement on the surface of your choice. Personally, some of my greatest (to me) pieces have come from places of pain or great joy. Maybe that’s why we love to see the art of others as well as painting our own; it’s a glimpse into a moment in someone’s mind. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s haunting, but seeing a piece created out of pure emotion is always honest.


Create Peace

There’s a lot to be said about the creative process; it can be challenging, fun, or very frustrating. However, during times like these, the creative process can also be a healthy, welcome distraction.

Acrylic pouring has to be one of the most fun, meditative techniques I’ve tried. The flow of the colors, the process of tilting and manipulating, all of it is mesmerizing. 

Now’s the time to jump into pouring if you haven’t yet. Even if the only supplies available to you are craft acrylics, water and a random ceramic tile, you’re ready to pour. We’ve got a few great articles about pouring as a beginner that can help you get started.

Staying Positive

Tensions are high, and that sometimes translates into negativity that wouldn’t normally exist in our group. Generally, our members are kind artists who love the acrylic pouring technique and just want to immerse themselves in it as much as possible, but of course, there are always a few people who like to stir up trouble. 

Right now, though, the uncertain atmosphere lends itself to uber sensitivity and anxiety that can manifest in many forms. Some people may hold it in, but that only works for so long, until it emerges as a rude comment or post. 

This doesn’t mean you should attack them. We are all human, and we are all dealing with this new reality in the best way that we can. If you see someone being negative in the group, don’t take that as an invitation to vent your own anxiety and frustrations by starting a virtual throwdown. This is an art group!

If you see negativity or something that violates the group rules, report it to admin. We will review the content and determine if it needs to be removed. Don’t feed into the negativity with more negativity, nothing has ever been satisfactorily solved that way.


Final Thoughts

We all have the opportunity to bring beauty to the world right now, just as we always do. Instead of being negative or argumentative in the group, share your amazing works of art with us and your friends and let’s brighten up each other’s newsfeeds with colorful hope and positivity.


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