Artist Loft Acrylic Pouring – Metallic Paints With No Cells (Video)

After the unexpected success of my last pour with the Apple Barrel paints and the Sargent Art Acrylic Gloss, I needed to test out my new formula and see if it would work with other brands of paint too. Today, I’m trying the Artist’s Loft paints from Michaels.

Acrylic pouring flip cup video tutorial using metallic paints

In this painting I used:

My recipe was paint, plus the pouring medium at about 25-30% of the volume of the paint used, 99% alcohol as needed to thin the paint to the right consistency. The purple was much thinner out of the tube and didn’t need to be thinned much at all. The other too were much thicker and I added around 2ml of alcohol to each one to get them thin enough to pour. Let’s take a look and see what happened –>

Well, wasn’t that different? Absolutely nothing like the last coffee-colored pour that I did. No cells, but did you see the way those paints broke apart and sat on top of each other like little pieces of metallic leaf? OK I could understand that of the purple which was a metallic, but even the turquoise and magenta gave similar effects. Combined with the gold, it really is a stunning combination of colors and this goes right to the top of my favorite ever paintings even though it doesn’t have any cells at all.

So now I need to experiment further. Why did this recipe give awesome cells with Apple Barrel and no cells at all and an entirely different effect with Artists Loft paints? What if I tried another brand. Tomorrow, I’ll be trying this same combo but with Liquitex Basics. Stay tuned – cells or no cells. What do you think?

As usual, you can check out the slideshow for more pictures of this painting, both wet and dry, and closeups of all those shiny metallic details. Enjoy!

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