Liquitex Basics Acrylic Pouring Recipe No Cells (Video)

Part 3 in my quest for a magic formula to create cells today without torching. After the huge success with Apple Barrel, Artists Loft yesterday was a bust. No cells, but it did create an awesome painting. The colors were fabulous and there were really interesting effects in the paint that I had never seen before. So what would happen if I used a different set of paints again? Cells, no cells, something different again?

See the previous parts of this hunt for the elusive magic formula series here:

Part 1 – Apple Barrel

Part 2 – Artists Loft

The recipe for today:

Hmm, so another bust today. No cells. How strange that the first try gave such immediate and obvious results and now these other brands aren’t working at all. Clearly more experimenting is needed to try to exactly pin down what does react to make the cells in the paint. So tomorrow, I’m going to go back to using Apple Barrel and see if I can replicate the results from Day 1.

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    1. After all my trying, I think so too. I know people can do it, but it really didn’t seem to work consistently for me.

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