Pouring the Globe: Mediums Around the World

One of the most common questions we get in our Facebook Group is where to find pouring medium. If you live in the United States, you’ve got the luxury of having an abundance of mediums at your disposal; Liquitex, Floetrol, Golden, etc. We forget that not everyone has access to these mediums, but recently I asked our group for recommendations and many members from around the world generously shared the mediums they use, and some even shared the pricing and locations to buy them from!


Unfortunately, it seems like there aren’t many options for pouring mediums in Mexico—one member from Yucatan commented that the only medium they can find is PVA glue (and specified it is not Elmer’s brand).

New Zealand

A group member confirmed that Floetrol is available in New Zealand, and that it’s aout $17 per 500 ml.



We had quite a few members from Australia chime in!

Melbourne: Floetrol, available at Bunnings, about $50 for 4 litres.

NSW Australia: Mont Marte Acrylic Flow Medium, $5 for 250ml.

No specific area mentioned: Jo Sonya and Liquitex.

Kildare, Ireland

Floetrol and Liquitex are available through Amazon UK, but are quite expensive.

Basel, Switzerland

Using Amazon Germany, this member orders Liquitex (946ml for about US $28) and has it delivered to a German pack station near the German/Swiss border.



PVA Glue, Gerstacker/Artist Junior (10E for 5L), Floetrol and Vallejo are all available for purchase. Mediums are also available through Amazon Germany.


Cleopatra Vinyl (PVA) Glue is available at Cultura for about E3.99 per litre.



Collall and Baker Ross Glue are the most affordable, along with an unspecified pouring medium from Action (a cheaper store). Floetrol is available for 20E per litre. Golden and Liquitex are available, but much more expensive.


Floetrol is available according to one of our group members.


Floetrol is available in Sweden; it can be ordered online, or is available at Drewex.


Most US brands are available in the UK, but at a higher cost. One member also suggested Everbuild PVA glue, and another mentioned that Floetrol is more commonly referred to as Owetrol in the UK.


The most readily available mediums are regular or PVA glues.

South Africa


There are quite a few mediums available; according to a few generous members, you can find Cellpour, Scumble Glaze, Floetrol, Dala Acrylic Flow, and Bastion Paint Products.


Floetrol and vynil or PVA glue are readily available in Italy.

Final Thoughts

We’d love to keep expanding this list! If you have any suggestions for pouring mediums in your country or for a country that isn’t listed here, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or comment below so we can update this list!

8 thoughts on “Pouring the Globe: Mediums Around the World”

  1. So are we supposed to add 1. Water ( 20%) of the paint 2. Medium ( in India we have camel brand mentioned as for transparency and water colour effect as mentioned) and 3. Some white adhesive? Is it how we do?

  2. Hi! I’m enrolled in one of your on line classes but I’ve forgotten how to access it……..face red. 😉

  3. I’d love to know about the options in Brazil! Because I found Liquitex and Golden medium but it’s like $80 for 250ml /8tl OZ

  4. Marcia Sutter


    I loved your article about pouring mediums around the world….please help…I live in Costa Rica and so far all I can find is PVA glue. I have asked at a couple of large paint stores, and they do not know what I am talking about. Liquitex pouring medium is here, but it costs twice the price as in the US. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

  5. Vallejo pouring mediums are widely available throughout Europe. I believe the company is a Spanish one. I get mine from DickBlick.com in the US.

  6. Antonio Fellone

    anything for thailand? the main brands are 3-5 times the prices that they are in the US 🙁

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