Hobbies for Less: How to Pour on a Budget

It’s that time of year again when fall seems like it’s just around the corner, and soon everyone will be back to school. The summer’s nearly done, and that means the slow roll into the calendar when holidays and back to school supplies start adding up. Still want to pour and create, but feeling the pinch? We’ve got you covered—with the best budget guide for acrylic pouring supplies that will keep you (and your wallet!) happy.

Best Economy Paints

81PvjCzNgDS. AC SX466Our favorite acrylic paint bundles all the basic colors (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, brown, pink, blue, black, and double the white). Grab this 12-bottle bundle to get started or help you through when you need to paint for less.

Cheap Pouring Medium Dupes

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For a cheaper pouring medium, try Elmer’s Glue-All! You’re probably already rummaging through the house for Elmer’s glue if you’ve read our guide for pouring medium alternatives, but we’ll go ahead and clue you into the best-kept secret of pouring mediums. Elmer’s Glue All is cheap and you might get to use it for more than just pouring. Try it in 1-gallon bulk size that will save you in the long run.

Supplies You Can Use More than Once

One of the hardest parts about acrylic pouring is keeping everything clean and learning how to keep waste down. You don’t have to throw everything away once it’s covered in paint if you start with the right supplies!

For mixing cups:

You can recycle these plastic cups with lids  instead of tossing plastic party cups out with every pour.71wau0ObhOL. AC SX679


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If you prefer to re-use your supplies, try these washable cups with sturdy lids for long-wearing pour cups!


Popsicle sticks: They may seem like a one-and-done tool, but you can effectively re-use popsicle sticks—even the wooden kinds! Just wash them after you’re done and let them dry.

Canvases in Bulk

71noEI5gJHL. AC SX466If you love to pour, you’ve got to have something to pour on. Try getting your canvases in multi-packs so you don’t run out. We suggest getting a couple different sizes of multi-packs so you have more freedom when choosing your next project. Buying these in bulk can keep your cost per canvas down to less than $3 per canvas.

Pro tip: Don’t forget you can re-use and paint over the canvases, and be sure to keep an eye out for unusual things to pour on like thrift store items, old tables, wood planks—if you can imagine it, you can pour on it!

Torches that Won’t Torch Your Budget

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It’s tempting to want to jump right in and achieve all the looks you see on our Facebook group, but it can be hard to keep up with people who seem to have unlimited resources and the best torches around. You can achieve the same look with lighters, especially the wand kind! Buy multi-packs here to chase those perfect cells for less.


Beginner’s Kits & Bundles

If you’re looking for the best of starter bundles or want to gift someone everything they’ll need to get going, try our hand-picked bundle here.

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4 thoughts on “Hobbies for Less: How to Pour on a Budget”

  1. Great tips to reduce reuse and definitely recycle and not waste. I reuse it all to always to save waste
    Thanks Karen

  2. I’ve found Dollar Tree to be a great source for stretched canvases on frames, at two for $5 for a. They also have 6 colors of fluid acrylic paint in 8 oz bottles for $3 each. I bought all of them! They work pretty well, I just wish there were more colors! You get black, white, red, fuchsia, lilac & light pink. I heard their plus section, which has everything that costs more than their traditional $1.25 is going away! They will still have canvases, but it will be the kind on boards, not on frames, so stock up while they have them! They seem to be good quality too! Plus you can get the popcicle sticks, and I just get little plastic Dixie cups there and wash them afterwards! And they probably have the glue all, but not in that size…
    Thanks for all the tips, I’m on fixed income so every little bit helps?!

    Carrie Brannon
    Aka Raven

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