Part 2: Happy Medium’s “Paint Ready to Pour” Acrylic Paints in Primary Colors

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In this part two product review of Happy Medium’s “Paint Ready to Pour” Acrylic Paints, I’m testing their primary blue, red, and yellow. All HM’s paints, with the exception of white automatically come with silicone. I wanted to test pour samples without silicone, so I special ordered all three colors without any silicone. Creating the special order only took one day longer and there was no extra charge.

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Additional information about ordering and my experiences with HM’s Pure White and Coal Black can be found in part one of the Happy Medium’s “Paint Ready to Pour.”

Supplies Used

Additional Colors

There are no additional paints used in any of the test pours. I did however use Sunflower Yellow and Red Line to create my own Orange; Moody Blue and Red Line to mix Purple; and Sunflower Yellow with Moody Blue to create Green. I’ll refer to these as mixed purple, green or orange.

Swipe Test Sample

I created the swipe with Pure White over Red Line, Sunflower Yellow, and Moody Blue. Silicone (treadmill oil two drops) was added to the red only and poured onto a 5×7 canvas board. The white swipe gave pure clean and vibrant colors with great cell formation.

Pic3 Swipe

Dirty Cup Pour Test Sample

This was a simple dirty cup utilizing Coal Black, Sunflower Yellow, Red Line and mixed Purple onto a 5×7 canvas board with a wet black basecoat. No silicone added, but tons of smaller cells formed throughout. I did not keep this, as I don’t like the color combination. I used leftover HM paints to provide the sample of a dirty pour without silicone.

Pic4 Dirty Cup

Flip Cup Test Sample

The flip cup was created on the cover of a nine inch hexagon gift box lid. I used Pure White, Sunflower Yellow, Moody Blue and mixed Purple with three drops of treadmill oil in the blue only. Great coverage and cell formation. Colors stayed clean and vibrant and I must say I love the even distribution of the cells across the top.

Pic5 Flip Cup

I created a second flip cup with a high pour, meaning I added certain colors to the pour cup from higher levels so that the mix in the cup would be altered. I used Sunflower Yellow, Coal Black, Red Line, Pure White, and my mixed orange. No silicone, flip cup on 10 inch round, with white and yellow added from about four inches above cup rim. This created a few large cells, no smaller ones but lots of minor lacing, and a myriad of interesting colors.

Pic6 Drop

Tree Ring Test Samples

The tree ring pour was completed without silicone using Red Line, Coal Black, Sunflower Yellow, mixed purple, and mixed orange. Utilizing a 10 inch MDF round with a wet black base.

Pic7 Tree Ring

This second pic is a wide loop pour utilizing the same basic process as the tree ring pour, but instead of tight rings, the loops were about one inch wide ovals. Paint colors were Pure White, Coal Black, mixed orange (lightened with white to create a peach color), Sunflower Yellow, and mixed green (darkened with drop of black). Silicone (treadmill oil three drops) added to the peach only on a 5×7 canvas board with a wet white base coat.

Pic8 Loop Pour

Overall Impression

I did learn the white needs a little more shaking than the other colors if its been sitting a while. I am down to one hand at the moment so it was difficult to shake it appropriately, but hubby gave me a hand—literally. Just for safety sake, I also use a disposable paint filter for the white. It’s very possible I have issues mixing it properly due to my current lack of muscle, and the fact that I purchase the largest bottle possible.

If you are like me and want to pour and store in smaller containers, you’ll need to be sure it’s airtight, and of course thoroughly shake to mix paint prior to separating into smaller bottles.

HM paints are easy to use, spread evenly, and can be used in a wide variety of applications as shown. The colors are vibrant and dry just as colorful. If you want to use without silicone, it only takes an extra day or two to receive your order and at no extra charge. You can add in your own silicone to fit your pour projects, or purchase the product with silicone and completely take out the guesswork.

I will admit, I’m one very happy customer. Till the next time, pour on my friends!

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