Product Review: Happy Mediums Ready to Pour Acrylic Paints

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I don’t usually write product reviews or comparisons as I had to author so many when I was working. The typical reviews were always a formal evaluation based on many individual’s input, and at times not my opinions at all. So I decided when I had the chance to develop a written review for a group of awesome artists on new products, and provide my own viewpoint, the writer in me was almost giddy!

I was grateful for the opportunity to offer this first review on Happy Medium’s Paint Ready to Pour Acrylic Paints created by artist and YouTube presenter, Caren Goodrich.

Supplies I Used:

My Order

I received my online order within four days, which included two items: a 64 ounce bottle of Pure White for $34.00, and 32 ounce Coal Black for $20.00 both from their Paint Ready to Pour line. Neither the white nor black contain silicone which is why I wanted to do my initial review on these two must have base colors.

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Happy Medium offers free shipping for any order over $25 within the U.S. excluding Hawaii and Alaska. If you live outside the U.S., contact Caren or Clint, let them know what you want to order; where you live; and they’ll tell you your shipping costs up front. They accept credit, debit and as many on this blog will appreciate, PayPal.

Instructions for Use

Simply shake and pour. Heck yeah!! It was that simple, nothing to add or extra mixing needed. Just for giggles, I let it set overnight and poured without shaking first, and I found it can leave white flakes.

So just shake it first, my friends, no flakes or clumps—priceless! If you want to thin it at all, just add a few drops of water and mix to your desired consistency. From what I experienced, I personally didn’t need to add water, but if I were to do a strainer pour or anything similar, I would probably thin the paint just a bit.

No Silicone

Remember, Happy Medium does not add silicone to their white or black paints. In the following three samples, I decided to create two of my test pours 100 percent silicone free. Glad I did, now I know the quality of paint, density and pigmentation of both colors and their ability to create cells without silicone.

Judge for yourself…

All three tests were created on new Art Advantage 9×12 white canvas boards.

Sample 1

Featured ImagePic Sample 1

This was a simple flip cup utilizing Happy Medium Coal Black and Pure White, along with Liquitex Basics Copper, Cadmium Orange Hue, Phthalo Blue, and Bright Aquamarine Green on a Happy Medium Pure White wet base.

As you can see, there were tons of cells and beautiful lacing throughout even with no silicone added. I took the picture and noticed there were more cells trying to form. Where it looks like bumps, were actually small cells that opened up but filled back in as the painting dried. Overall very happy!

Sample 2

Pic Sample 2.1
Pic sample 2.2

The only test sample I added silicone to was this dragon scale swipe. Created with three simple colors, Happy Medium Pure White, Liquitex Basics Cadmium Yellow Light Hue, and Phthalo Blue on a Pure White wet base. I added two drops of silicone (Treadmill Lubricant) in blue and yellow only. This sample was also used in “The Acrylic Pour Swipe.”

Here you can see Happy Medium’s Pure White has beautiful even coverage and amazing cell formation throughout the swipe. Happy Medium sells all their other colors pre-loaded with silicone, but you can special order them without if you wish. This adds a couple days onto the shipping timeline but there is no additional charge for the special order.

Sample 3

Pic sample 3

The final test was the illusive tree ring pour with Happy Medium Coal Black and Pure White, as well as Liquitex Basics Medium Magenta and Quinarcidone Magenta, on a Coal Black wet base. Look at those huge black cells. I think I’ll call them asteroids!

I was thrilled with the cell formation, coverage, and yes, the Coal Black dries to a deep pure black, not dark gray, like some.

Overall Impression

Happy Medium paints are easy to use, simply shake the bottle well and pour. They provide great coverage, the black dries beautifully, and unique cell formation even without silicone. Plus, the fact that all their colors, other than white and black come with silicone; but you can request all colors without silicone as needed.

Only cautions would be to remember to shake the bottle each time before a pour, even if on the same day; and be careful to measure out how much you need, as you don’t want to waste it. There is a slight odor, similar to most acrylic paints, so if you have any sensitivity to paints, be sure to wear personal protective equipment as needed.

Personally, I am thrilled to find a great product for a moderate price that takes the guesswork out of mixing; and eliminates those nasty clumps I tend to miss due to crummy vision.

My next review will be featuring Happy Medium Paint Ready to Pour in the colors Red Line, Moody Blue, and Sunflower Yellow all three of which are pre-mixed with silicone. Unfortunately, the next review will be at least a few weeks out, as I actually go in for hand surgery first thing in the morning. Till the next time—continue to paint pour your amazing heart out!

10 thoughts on “Product Review: Happy Mediums Ready to Pour Acrylic Paints”

  1. Premixing the paint according to your own recipe is a huge part of the fun to me. Plus, I would have problems shaking these huge containers each time. Plus, although they have quite a few different colors, it’s still a limitation compared to the vast variety of hues that exist with other brands. But that is only me.

    1. Tina Swearingen

      Hi, thank you. I agree the mixing process can be the best part, there is something almost therapeutic about it. However, the process can be overwhelming to some due to obtaining the appropriate texture, color, ratio of paint:medium:silicone:water, or as in my case – the mixing causes physical pain.
      (I’m literally sitting here with a cast on my right hand, trying to type with my non-dominant hand). In my case, the ability to use a premixed paint, especially for the larger quantities is a blessing.
      I too love all the colors through the other brands, but the more I paint the more I find myself using certain colors in bulk (white, black, red, blue, and yellow), and as I learn more about color mixing, I’m able to create many of my own paint colors with just the primary colors.
      I love using metalics in my paintings, so I will always be combining varied acrylic brands. I was extremely pleased with this product, but I would never give up my metalics. Luckily they do play well together 🙂


  2. Victoria Thornton

    Why do you use a 1:3 ratio? I do 1:1 and I’ve heard people doing 1:2. but never 1:3. What are the benefits, please? More cells? bigger cells? more mixed paint to paint with?

    1. Tina Swearingen

      Victoria, I use a 1:3 to thin down the thicker paints, as I don’t like to use much if any water. Just preference.

  3. Debbie Gilbert

    Thank you for this information. I had heard pre mixes were expensive, but these seem reasonable. I don’t particularly love the mixing, so I will try this out!
    Did you buy from the manufacturer or another art supplier?

    1. Tina Swearingen

      Debbie, the “Paint Ready to Pour” brand is only available from

  4. I have to say that I ordered several bottles including primary colors and some pearl colors as well as white. I never could get the mixture right when I did it myself wasting lots of paints and canvases
    I have so enjoyed using these paints and blending them to make so many different colors. They make cells and let you enjoy creating paintings not worrying about too much silicone not enough floetrol. So many formulas out there.
    The price is so reasonable considering the amount of paint you get.
    Love Caryn’s work. She even signs your invoice with a thank you.

    1. Tina Swearingen

      Linda I completely agree! Thank you for sharing your experiences 🙂 Tina

  5. I’m new to acrylic paint pouring. My apartment is small and I don’t have lots of room for storage or work space. Premixed would be great. I’d love to hear an honest review of the colors, including pearl. Red, yellow, green, blue, and gold

  6. Placed my first order of 5 – 32 oz colors, also 2 64-oz white.
    Loved the pearl white. Inquired via email about the colors, especially Excellent Orange, having rancid smell, a smell I had experienced with bad Floetrol. Not seeking or asking for a refund, just inquiring. Response was evasive, saying they were aware of problem, but had no issue with “their” Floetrol mix.
    Being the smell was essentially the same as I had with bad Floetrol, it seemed highly unlikely.
    Very poor customer service.

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