Flip Cup and Drag Youtube Challenge

Welcome back for another monthly YouTube challenge. Purnima sets our challenge this month and its the first time I have tried this painting technique so I am excited to give it a go. She has set up some very challenging colors to work with though, so success is not guaranteed!

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Acrylic pouring flip and drag challenge with videos

The challenge rules for the #NovemberPouringChallenge:

Technique = flip cup and drag with negative space
Background  = white or black
Colors = Purple, yellow, metallic blue plus two colors of our choice

I’m thinking that the purple and yellow might not play nice together, so I’ll try to keep those separate somewhat in my cup and make sure to layer the colors carefully to prevent too much mixing. Because I always love some sparkle and metallics, I’m adding in a metallic gold, plus a magenta which I think will look good with the blue and yellow.

My purple tends to dry very dark when used with black so I’m going to create my flip and drag on a white background. It’s my first time so let’s see how easy or difficult this is. It looks easy when you see the experts do it, but isn’t that always the way. Because of the negative space requirement in this painting, mixing up the right amount of paint for the flip cup might also be a challenge. I always tend to overestimate and end up with almost no negative space sometimes. I can’t let the team down after my dreadful challenge results last time!

Recipe for this pour:
Paints were mixed approximately 2 parts paint to 1 part Floetrol, plus water as needed for a creamy consistency. Treadmill silicone in most of the colors and KY True Feel dimethicone in the metallic blue. The white paint for the negative space doesn’t have any silicone.

Yay and phew, thank goodness that turned out OK. It was rather more difficult than I expected to get the paint out of the cup. The cup would easily move about the canvas on its own, but it was really pushing the paint along in front of it, and dragging through the canvas without leaving much paint there. In the end I had to lift the cup to break the seal and let most of the paint out – and yes, I had a bit too much really.

But the finished painting is wonderful. So sparkly, bright, shiny and metallic. I love it! Thanks Purnima for posing this challenge to us this month. I hope you will take part. Use the hashtag #NovemberPouringChallenge in your videos, photos and social sharing, and tag one of the team so we can find you.

Enjoy the slideshow below with photos of this pour, both wet and dry and close-ups of the details.

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