Flip Cup and Drag on a Black Background

Having really enjoyed my first flip cup and drag painting from our #NovemberPouringChallenge on YouTube, I thought it was time that I tried the same technique and even the same colors, but this time with a black background rather than white.

Pin MeFlip cup and drag acrylic pouring technique. Tutorial video for this technique to create cells in your acrylic paint. Negative space black background

The challenge rules for the #NovemberPouringChallenge:

Technique = flip cup and drag with negative space
Background = white or black
Colors = Purple, yellow, metallic blue plus two colors of our choice

Materials used in this painting:
Art Alternatives acrylics in titanium white, gold and magenta
Craft Smart paint in Sapphire Blue Metallic
Blick Student Acrylics in purple and chrome yellow
Treadmill belt silicone oil
Canvas from economy pack
8oz squeeze bottles
2oz mini shot glass for the flip cup

I’m using a smaller cup and a smaller canvas this time. My first attempt had most likely too much paint in the flip cup and my drag wasn’t that great either. So I hope to do better with both today and I really hope the black background will contrast well with the metallics and the bright colors. I do expect my purple to disappear because it’s a very transparent color and goes near black when used with black in the mix. Let’s see how this one turns out!

It was absolutely 100% magnificent when it was wet, and almost as goo dry. As usual, the metallic paints didn’t keep their nice sharp edges while drying and softened a little bit into the black paint. I’ve had this happen before too, on another painting where I used metallics with black – amazing when wet, a bit softer around the edges when dried. But the overall look on this one is still wonderful. I always love the contrast between black and bright colors, and the gold and metallic blue in this really sparkles now it’s dry. So this one is a success  🙂 It will be listed in my Etsy store soon.

Here is a slideshow of photos for this pour, both wet and dry and close-ups of the details. Enjoy 🙂

11 thoughts on “Flip Cup and Drag on a Black Background”

  1. Hi Deby,
    Sorry to hear about your upcoming surgery! I’m praying you’ll have a speedy recovery and your problem resolved. Don’t overdo it the next too weeks!
    Take care!

  2. I like your flip and drag painting. Looks cool. Can you tell me what size canvas you used with the 2 oz mini shot glass? I appreciate your videos!

  3. I just started watching your pours, I have enjoyed them very much, love this type of painting would like more definition but I am a beginner. I hope your surgery goes well and Merry Christmas

    1. You can create interesting extra definition by using acrylic paint markers to highlight or outline certain interesting areas on your pours, or by using them for adding other images or dotting etc on top. Its a very flexible and relaxing way to paint I think. Glad you found it.

  4. Good luck with your surgery and best wishes for a Merry Christmas. I love your pours and have learned so much from your you tubes. Thanks.

  5. Absolutely outstanding, Deby! It reminds me of a surreal painting that’s waiting for characters to grace the canvas; or better yet, a book you’ve begun…of enchanted forests or islands! At first glance, I felt the presence of Salvador Dali, with his vividly animated colors & shapes. Gracefully subperb, my friend…once again!❤️

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