Best Gifts for Artists (Stocking Stuffers to Studios)

It’s that time of year again when we all seem to be busiest and don’t have enough time to paint. Other than time itself, what would you like in your Christmas stocking from Santa this year? I’ve asked in our chat group and put together our ideal list of Gift Ideas for Artists.

Gift ideas for artists. From stocking stuffers to studios and everything in between. Lots of fun and practical gift ideas for the artist in you or in your life

Gift ideas for Artists

Are you hear looking for yourself, or looking to buy gifts for someone you know who loves art. If you are looking for gift ideas, my list has them all. From small items any painter will love such as paint palette earrings that run a few dollars as a stocking stuffer, right through to camera and tech equipment artists can use to photograph, video or print their artworks. There is even a garden studio if you really want to treat the one you love to their own creative space. This list has them all from $ to $$$$ and everything in between.

Help the artist (in you or someone else) to make their art into their business with some educational and inspirational books about marketing your art or building your business. Or give practical gifts such as paints, resin, a drying rack, or a handy crafts work bench. There are fun ways to show off a love of art with tote bags, mugs and even socks.

Know any Bob Ross fans? Get his calender, book or quotes, or coloring book, and more.

The gift list is across 4 pages – there really is something for everyone and every budget. You can click on each item to enlarge it and see an explanation and description. Use the arrow keys to scroll between pages and see more ideas. You can view the entire Gift Ideas for Artists list on Kit here.

Got any other gift ideas on your wish list this year? I’ll be happy to add them to the page. Now why not share the URL for the gift ideas page ( with your other half and let them know which ones you would love this year. Or share this to your social media and make sure your friends all know what the ideal gift is for you this year. If you don’t ask, you won’t get!

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