Multi-Cup Flip with More Weird Colors

I’m at it again. Randomly picking colors and wondering if they will work together. This time I have some Apple Barrel paints I would like to try with those cute mini shot glasses that make me so happy. Let’s do a multi-cup flip cup!

Using Apple Barrel crafts paints for acrylic pouring. Can you make cells with Apple Barrel paints Sure you can. This video shows you how

I’ve been so keen to use these mini shot glasses again just because they make me happy. Anything miniature is so delightful. I thought 4 of them would be the ideal size for a small multi-cup flip on a 10-inch canvas, although I had enough paint that I could have stretched it out a lot more in the end, and it would have been more than enough for a 12-inch canvas. I’d rather have too much paint than not quite enough.

Materials used in this painting:
10-inch canvas from multipack
Apple Barrel paints in Nutmeg Brown, Purple Pansy, Flamenco Red and Too Blue
Art Alternatives Titanium White and Gold
Thin-x paint thinner from the DIY store
Treadmill belt silicone
2oz mini shot glasses
Polycrylic protective finish

The Apple Barrel paints were mixed with the Thin-X and 2 drops of oil per color. The white for the negative space was mixed 2 parts paint to 1 part Floetrol plus water and no silicone added. The white and gold in the squeeze bottles were mixed 2 parts paint, 1 part Floetrol plus water to a creamy consistency and also had the treadmill silicone. Don’t be worried to mix and match different mixes and recipes within the same painting. So long as the consistency of the paints is the same, they will all work well together.

So that was a big mix and match of all sorts of paints, mediums, and mixes. You really can use a variety of products in your pours and even the cheaper paints can create nice paintings. Plus every time you add gold to something, or glitter, you make it better.

As usual, here is a slideshow of photos from this pour, both wet and dry, and close-ups of the details.

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  1. Love all of your videos. Maybe you could show how you use up your paint that runs off of the canvas, I always seem to get mud when I try and use the paint that is leftover. Thanks for all the information you share.

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