Only Two Colors – Flip and Drag with Gold and Black

I’ve had this idea on my mind for a while. How many colors do you need for a successful acrylic pour painting? Five? Three? How about just two? Could I create a painting that had only two colors – a negative space of background color and one featured color? And of course one of them would have to be a metallic. Let’s give it a try!

Flip and drag acrylic pour using just two colors only. Black and gold.Video

I’m going to use black for my background and then add both gold and some black to my flip and drag cup. I figured a regular flip cup with just two colors might not make anything especially interesting so I’ll be trying to create extra cells and mix the two paints together somewhat to make it more interesting – possibly. Let’s see!

Materials used in this painting:
Economy canvas
Art Alternatives – black and gold acrylic paints
Treadmill belt silicone
8oz squeeze bottles

Hmm, well the idea wasn’t too bad, and perhaps if I hadn’t used a metallic it would have turned out better. The metallic paint, where I had swiped it out over the black, had pushed the black paint away from it somewhat and created a matte area where the gold swipe was, and then a pronounced glossy area. Even with several layers of varnish, I didn’t think I would be able to hide that strangeness. The idea wasn’t bad though, and I think with different colors, it might just have worked out. Maybe I’ll try something like it again sometime.

So what do you think? How many colors make a successful pour for you? What are your minimum and maximum numbers that you feel gives you the best results?

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