Getting Muddy Colors from a Dirty Pour

Oh dear. This isn’t at all good. I have all my new bright and shiny supplies and I’m so excited to be getting started with my first proper acrylic pouring painting. It all starts out so promising, it even looks good out of the cup, but then – yuck! I would really love to know more about why it looked so bad. What did I do wrong? Was it the choice of colors? The brand of paint? Did I not mix it correctly? Did I mix it too much in the cup? Or was it just bad luck?

I know for sure that I made a number of mistakes, including wetting the edges of the canvas.

Take a look at my video below and let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Getting Muddy Colors from a Dirty Pour”

  1. Did you ever discover what your mistakes were? I am finding some of my dirty pours are looking quite muddy 🙁 I only do 1 to 2 layers of each color in the cup before I flip but it still looks very murky instead of vibrant.

    1. Yes Andrea, it was very simple. My paint was just too thin and the colors mixed together too much. When the paint was the right consistency suddenly everything worked as it should.

    2. I’m finding if i add too much water they muddy. Making the paint a little thicker keeps the colors clearer for me

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