Fluid Acrylic Flow Painting Failure

OK, so I had learned a few things I hope from my first failure and it was time to try again. But I only have a few of those canvas panels left and I’m worried about messing up again. This time I think I have a bright idea to test out the paints but not waste the panel – I’ll use paper! To prevent it warping I’ll use masking tape and tape it on to a big board.

Duh, not too smart. For one, it is certainly going to make a flip cup impossible! And it turns out that the paper wasn’t a good idea either – within a minute it was covered in waves and hills due to the wetness of the paint, so the paint wouldn’t flow properly. And the colors weren’t good again either.

There’s got to be something I’m still doing wrong, more than all the obvious mistakes I made this time. But I still am enjoying it, even if I’m not yet seeing the success I’m hoping for. Check out my video below and cringe at my efforts! As usual, all comments and suggestions are very much appreciated!

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