How to Add Your Work to the Gallery


I would be delighted to feature your work in our Gallery. It’s simple to submit. Please follow these steps:

  1. send a message from the Contact page – here
  2. your image must already be online to share it. Try using an online photo sharing service if you don’t have your own website, such as Flickr.
  3. send the URL for the image you wish to include in the gallery. It must be publically available and not password protected to show on the gallery page.
  4. include the name of the artist
  5. include the title of the work if there is one
  6. if you would like to link the image to your website, please provide the click URL to use (optional)

We can’t promise to include all submissions, but if you weren’t lucky this time, please do try again.

The gallery is a rotating selection of images and is loaded differently on each page view to give all submitted images and equal chance of exposure. Any questions, just ask via the contact page.

I look forward to seeing and sharing your work.

2 thoughts on “How to Add Your Work to the Gallery”

  1. Harthula Nevling

    I would like to post some of my art work. My art varies from acrylic pouring, ink and resin pouring, sketches, traditional oil and acrylic, are all allowed?

    1. We’re only allowing pouring art into the gallery for the present time, but we have an off-topic thread once a week in the Facebook group where members are welcome to post art of all kinds.

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