Using Color Shift Paints

If you’re a member of the Acrylic Pouring Facebook group, you’ve probably seen a post or two about Color Shift paints.

Color Shift is produced by FolkArt, and is described as a dynamic metallic paint with variable color in changing light. Essentially, this dazzling craft paint is a bit of a chameleon— for example, Emerald Flash looks like a rich, vibrant green head on, but if you tilt it just so, it has a teal hue.

Personally, I love these paints. The application of Color Shift paints in pouring just makes sense if you’re looking to add a little pop to your pour.


Special Considerations

I’ve become fond of Color Shift paints, so I’ve used them in quite a few pours. I just love the pop of interest that they bring! However, I have found that layering Color Shift paint can cause a sort of metallic sheen over the whole pour if one or both of the following occurs:

  • If the paint sits in the cup too long
  • If the piece is over-manipulated

Allowing the paint to mix for too long in any case seems to be the culprit. If you layer your paints and then quickly pour them, or only manipulate your paint slightly, you should be able to avoid the “sheen.” I’d suggest experimenting a bit; the sheen can actually be stunning over a piece that has a lot of black.

Veining with Color Shift

Color Shift is also great for delicate embellishments to enhance your piece. Take a small amount of Color Shift and a very thin paint brush, and try outlining parts of your pours. You may not even notice the lines when looking directly at the painting, but when you move to the side of it, that quick flash will add a big bang.

Color Combination Inspiration

Some of my favorite color combos:

  • Color Shift in Red Flash
  • Gold (any brand)
  • Black (any brand)
  • Color Shift in Teal Flash
  • White (any brand)
  • Navy (any brand)
  • Color Shift in Black Flash
  • Silver Metallic (any brand)
  • Aqua or Teal Flash
  • Color Shift in Yellow Flash
  • Color Shift in Emerald Flash
  • White (any brand)

Don’t forget to share your Color Shift creations!



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