Acrylic Pouring Dip Technique: Relaxing Garden Vibes

Trying something new today. I’ve made paintings with the ‘Butterfly Technique’ in the past where I have dipped one canvas on top of another and made two near-identical paintings and I love those. See previous examples here and here. But today something a little bit different, where I will do a similar technique, but using only a single canvas. This is called a ‘dip’.

Acrylic pouring video tutorial. An easy abstract garden that even beginner painters can make. Easy painting tutorial for beginners. Acrylic pour and dip video.

This is super easy. We will lay out some colors, lie a plastic sheet over the top, smush the paint around a little a life up the plastic to see what we get. This painting technique gives us much more control over the placement of our colors and the finished look we will get as a result. Even though we aren’t pouring the colors together, we can still get some pretty cells from where the paints meet and mingle, and through the lifting action of the plastic sheeting. This technique is clean to do, fun and suitable for kids and beginners too.

Materials used in this painting:
DecoArt Americana acrylic paints in – Primary Yellow, Sour Apple, Festive Green, Dioxazine Purple, Blue Bird, Bubblegum Pink and Titanium White
Treadmill silicone oil
Economy canvas
Plastic sheet (old ziploc bag)
Small paint mixing pots with lids
Polycrylic protective finish

The paints were mixed with Floetrol as needed for the right consistency, no water added. 2 drops of treadmill silicone oil per color approx.

Super! That is such a pretty painting, and a fun way to make an abstract landscape. I  had used a little too much paint and you can see on the right-hand side that the colors aren’t as distinct as on the left, because the paint was thicker and had mixed together a little more in the plastic smushing action. So learn from my mistake and don’t use as much paint. You will be smushing it about under the plastic sheeting to fill in any gaps so feel free to use less and in this case ‘less is more’ for sure.

Here’s a slideshow of photos of this painting, both wet and dry, and close-ups of the details.

5 thoughts on “Acrylic Pouring Dip Technique: Relaxing Garden Vibes”

  1. I just love watching your videos!! I learn so much!! I cannot wait to start again. Went to hand therapy today and my flexion and extension have really improved. Whoo hoo!! Still have 3 more rounds of therapy and see surgeon Feb 5th. Am hoping at that point I can start using my thumb!! Looks like you are doing really well!! So happy to see!!!

  2. What a fun project. Hmmmmmmmm I wonder what you could do with this and make a waterscape………….Food for thought .Thanks Deby ….

  3. I never can find a little drop-down thing you mention!
    I absolutely love your videos. You’re quick, cheerful, easy to understand and so, so talented!!

    1. The drop down box is for those who watch on YouTube. The same info is in the blog article. Or when the video plays, you can click on YouTube on the bottom right corner and go to see it there too, and then you will see the drop down box.

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