DecoArt Premium Acrylic Paints for Acrylic Pouring [Review]

I got some new paints! Have you seen them in the stores yet? The Premium Acrylic range from DecoArt. These are their artist quality paints, and they come in tubes rather than bottles, and are slightly larger at 2.5oz per tube. I wanted to give them a try for pouring and review if they made cells, how they mixed and more.

Making cells with acrylic pouring. Video tutorial and review with recipe for using DecoArt Premium acrylics, artist quality paints.

I bought a limited number of colors in this new-to-me range of Premium paints. Black and white, titan buff, along with a bright red, yellow and blue. Primary colors can be hard to work with so I knew with these choices I’d be putting these paints through their paces! There are 47 colors in total, so plenty there to choose from, and all of them gorgeous. From the DecoArt website:

Stretch your creative muscles by trying out this affordable artist-grade acrylic. It’s a medium-bodied, satin-sheen formula created to work well on canvas. It is ideal for many surfaces, including wood, canvas, metal, leather, ceramic bisque, and paper.

  • Medium-bodied viscosity
  • Excellent coverage
  • Versatile, satin finish
  • Intermixable
  • Light-fast
  • Non-toxic
  • Soap and water clean-up

Materials used in this painting:
DecoArt Premium acrylic paints in titan buff, titanium white, carbon black, pyrole red, ultramarine blue and primary yellow
Treadmill silicone
Small paint mixing pots with lids
Economy canvas

I mixed these paints by weight, for example, 8g of paint, plus 16g of Floetrol and a few spots of water as needed, 1g or less. 2 drops of treadmill silicone per paint.

Check out the video to see how they mix up, how they pour and if they make cells. Keep in mind that I am trying these for the first time and haven’t had time to develop any particular recipe to make the best of these paints, or try them with any other pouring mediums. It’s just a first-time experiment. You may get even better results if you take your time to try them with different recipes and experiment to get the results that you like.

Sorry that the sound is a little bit weird in this video. It didn’t record correctly for the first part because my top camera was playing up, but does get better later on when we get to the mixing and painting.

Nice! So if you are looking for an artist quality paint to use in your pours, then you could certainly give these DecoArt Premium acrylic paints a try. There are a lot of really nice colors to pick from, and you can give them a try with your regular recipe and pouring medium and see how they turn out for you.

As usual, here are some photos of this painting, both wet and dry, and some close-ups of the details including those wonderful bullseye cells.

8 thoughts on “DecoArt Premium Acrylic Paints for Acrylic Pouring [Review]”

  1. Nice pigments that didn’t fade out! How do they compare on price to others of the same quality? Thank you for checking out new products!

    1. It’s not easy to compare like for like here on the island because there is so little to choose from. Looking on Michaels, these 2.5oz tubes cost $2.99 compared to the 2oz craft paint bottles for $1.19. So there is quite a difference, but how this compares to other artists quality paints, I can’t really advise on that.

    1. Yes I’ve seen the adverts for it and a preview of the 2018 catalogue. Will be a couple of months before it is in the shops.

    1. It was just luck in this case. I went with a few basic colors and it worked! Thanks for the link.

  2. As usual, the painting is so vibrant & like you, love the bull’s eye cells.
    Great job, thanks for doing the pre testing, so we don’t have to.

    So happy for you that you can stay in the beautiful Cayman Islands.

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