Best Acrylic Pouring Channels on Youtube to Watch Now

They say you can learn anything on YouTube. Well, you can certainly learn how to paint that way. I watched so many acrylic pouring videos before I made my first one. It’s my favorite way to learn new skills. Here are my best YouTube painting channels to follow.

Best YouTube painting channels to follow. These acrylic pouring channels are so much fun to watch and educational too. Lots of variety in styles and content.

Best YouTube Painting Channels

When it comes to how to learn more about acrylic pouring, you can’t beat actually watching someone do it in real time. A lot of YouTubers will film their pours and swipes, and share details with you about their favorite paints, brands, materials and additives.

If you have a question, want to see a comparison of techniques or a side by side test of paints or additives, you can’t get any better than watching it taking place in real time, recorded and shared with you on YouTube. Of course not every video you watch will have a happy ending. Sometimes things go wrong, paintings don’t come out as intended, experiments show that one technique is a disaster compared to another. These can be both fun to watch and informative too – now you’ve seen it go wrong, hopefully, you won’t make the same mistakes yourself.

Here are my top and favorite YouTube painting channels to subscribe to, in no particular order.  Each channel link includes the channel description as taken from YouTube.

Danny Clark – I am an artist in Houston Texas that really just enjoys life and all that comes with it. You can see more at my blog at

Annmarie Ridderhof – My art channel, I love sharing what I have discovered

MelyD – Fluid Painting Techniques — MelyD style

Lily’s Mix –  Professional portrait artist. Tutorials on Oil/Acrylic painting.

Caren Goodrich – Dedicated to all artists on the struggle! I’m here to share what I have learned over many decades of art making. So grab some paint and let’s have some fun!

Sarah Fezio – Hello and welcome to my channel! I started my YouTube journey after I was asked to do a video on how I created a painting with pouring medium. Then I realized I enjoyed it! I really like experimenting with all of the wonderful acrylic paints and mediums that are available…so you never know what you might see! At this point, new videos will upload every Friday. I do work full time right now, but not as an artist so art has been a way for me to relax and unwind. Hopefully you feel the same way!

Rick Cheadle – Channel dedicated to discovering and trying new ideas and techniques to create art in all forms. DIY ideas for hobbyists, craftsmen and artisans of all levels.

Ethereal Orb Abstract Art – Join me in my journey with fluid acrylics and resin. Art is my passion and my therapy.

Sherry at Studio Pashnada – Artist. Mom. Nerd. Wife. Shoehoarder. Liberal.

And lastly, my list wouldn’t be complete without including my own YouTube channel.You can follow my journey right from the very start when I first created some truly horrible paintings, through to the slightly better works I manage these days. Laugh along with me!  Along the way I love to try out new things, often crazy ideas which of course never work out, but I usually have fun trying. You’ll also find several side by side experiments to compare techniques and products and of course lots of simple painting tutorials where I bring you along with me as I paint for fun. Join me at

Deby at Acrylic Pouring YouTube Channel

Best YouTube painting channels to follow. These acrylic pouring channels are so much fun to watch and educational too. Lots of variety in styles and content.

You can find all of my acrylic pouring tutorial videos on the blog here too.

If you have your own list of best YouTube painting channels, then do add them into the comments below – we all don’t want to miss a thing!

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24 thoughts on “Best Acrylic Pouring Channels on Youtube to Watch Now”

  1. Love you all…Im a new artist trying to put pieces together you have all inspired me and keep me intrested and informed.Thank you so much Im finally doing what I love.

  2. This has been a very good experience. What a great article. So well organized with links and all. Appreciate very much, all the work you put in to organize this.
    Thank you! ?

  3. Looking forward to watching You tube lessons never tried this way of painting could be a fantastic you string in my bow. Currently paint in both Oil and Acrylic.

  4. I just saw this and I’m so happy to be up there! Great website and thanks so much for including me. You are a very special lady and your work is paying off. You go girl!

    1. OOh I feel so honored to get a comment from you. Thank you Mely – I’m a big fan!

  5. I have been an artist and art teacher for a long time but had never tried pouring until lately. I have watched a lot of youtube tutorials and after a lot of experimenting I am having some success. I really love that you share your tips and your work.

  6. interesante la web,pero los que hablamos español,nos enteramos de la mitad,el traductor de google ademas de ser pintoresco es dramatico…bueno algun dia Pinterest sera bilingue.-
    Excelente trabajo de recopilacion: muchas gracias

  7. Love to paint with acrylics but I just won’t get any cells!! Getting frustrated and have no idea what to do…tried all kind of pourings except for acrylic pouring medium…so my question is, if I buy this, will it give me cells?
    Thank you for your tips and your video’s

    1. If you have tried everything else and are not getting cells, then changing to the Liquitex is not going to fix it. There must be something fundamentally wrong such as an incorrect paint consistency or method somewhere. Are you in the Facebook group? Come and share there so you can show us a photo of your pours along with details of your recipe and we will try to diagnose the problem with you.

  8. I have just subscribed to the newsletter and very keen to learn this way of painting. I am no artist at all, no idea about paint and properties, but love the look of these abstract pour paintings. I have been playing around and watching heaps of tuts on Youtube and have created a few pieces with various levels of “success”..all of them fun though and Ive learned something new each time. I purchased the ebook and signed up here. Looking forward to learning more. I MIGHT even join Facebook :0 Thank you so much.

    1. Thanks so much Jill! Same here, no real artistic talent at all, but having the time of my life!

  9. Hi Deby – Your amazing contribution to us beginners in Acrylic Pouring techniques is absolutely wonderful! I’m glad to hear that you’ve had a few mistakes, as I was only a “natural experimenter” in silk art & mixed media & teaching thereof, quite a few years ago. This art form, I believe, is on the cutting edge, and I’m so thrilled to be invited into your inspiring space! Thank you so much! I’m so awed by the greatly gifted talents out there, and finally feel I’ve reached HOME in my career! Best regards, Anjali.

  10. Bijou (Beatrice) D'Arpa

    Deby, thank you so much for your course. You are an amazing instructor. After watching so many helpful YouTube videos, I cannot think of topic you haven’t covered. Keep doing what you’re doing. I do get frustrated at times, but your little bio, keeps me going! Thanks!

  11. I am happy with my progression of pouring after doing it about six months, but I don’t know how to retain the shininess and depth after the canvas dries. I have tried clear spray paint with several coats. Please help!

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