Can You Swipe with Other Colors?

To date all of the swipes I’ve done have either been with white or with black. Both give great results and it’s my favorite way to create cells and create a painting. I love the pop of color as it peeks from behind the base color – black or white.

But I wanted to see if I could create swipes with other colors? Would paint density come into play? I would have to make sure I wasn’t using a really light color that tends to always come to the surface – so orange was certainly out for me to try with.

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Acrylic pouring and swiping video tutorial. How to swipe with other colors, in this case a metallic gold is used for the swipe to create cells in hot pink and black.

I picked a palette of magenta, black and gold and decided to use gold for my swipe. It worked! I got some really pretty cells. The black cells surrounded by the pink outline and then the gold all around that – stunning! One of my favorite color combos so far – I always love anything bright and with high contrast.

I also tried a slightly different mix for my paints and was interested to see if I got any different results to usual. I mixed 1 tbsp of paint with 1 tbsp of Floetrol and about a 1tsp of alcohol. No water at all in the paint this time, it was all thinned with alcohol. I’d seen other painters use it to get huge cells – would it work for me?

So yes, you can swipe with other colors. Give it a try and see which ones work for you!

Check out the slideshow below for more details, wet and dry photos and some close up of the pretty cells created in this project.

6 thoughts on “Can You Swipe with Other Colors?”

  1. I love the video about swiping with gold paint. How does 1 T paint, 1 T floetrol and 1 tsp of alcohol make such a lot of paint?
    Should I double or triple the amounts for larger canvases.
    Thank you,
    Di Pearlman, avid beginner and admirer……..

    1. Hi Di, I use that recipe for each color I mix, or I can double it up if I want to mix twice as much etc. It’s easily scalable if you have a larger surface to cover, or you can simply mix more colors and go wild! I hope you will join us in the Facebook group and share what you create =

    1. If you take a look at THIS ARTICLE all about what people use for pouring mediums, you can try to substitute one or more of these. The consistency of each will be slightly different so you may need to add more or less water.

  2. Hi, I am going to do the experiment but I would like to try another color because I do not have magenta. What do you recommend me

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