Does Swiping Speed Matter?

In my last project, I swiped with gold over a magenta pink and black with some really stunning results. Then I got to wondering…does swipe speed matter?

If I swipe slowly, I can have more control for sure. But if I swiped quickly, would the paint ‘move’ more and give it more of an opportunity to create more cells or bigger cells. There was only one way to find out – with a side by side test.

I also go on to try swiping with a clear sheet protector – hmm, that was a mistake. I felt so old looking for acetate sheets here on the island. All the ‘youngsters’ had no idea what an overhead projector was, or the acetate sheets I needed. Those were the days before PowerPoint and slideshows you play on your computer. Who remembers doing an OHP presentation where you wrote or drew on the acetate sheets – I do.

Acrylic pouring and swiping video comparison. Side by side test of swiping for cells fast or slow, plus swiping with a plastic sheet.

Check out my swiping experiment below. No finished pictures for this one, because my results weren’t worth keeping today. But I did learn some interesting and important lessons to improve my painting. Better luck with the next experiment!

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3 thoughts on “Does Swiping Speed Matter?”

  1. Solange Belleforte

    The modern equivalent of the overhead projector film is laser or ink-jet transparency sheets that are coated with something that allows printing. Dura-lar film can be painted on, and it might be interesting to do a pour on it! It’s available on Amazon.

  2. Hello…..Just a thank you for the videos….Love your work. I buy a lot of my canvases from charity shops……Maddie Young.

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