Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw is an artist and teacher living in Atlanta, Georgia. His days are spent in the classroom teaching his students the basics of art and self-expression. In the evenings and weekends, he paints. Steve has shown his work in several galleries in the Southeast and has illustrated three children’s books. Recently Steve has discovered acrylic pour painting and is putting all his other projects on hold while he journeys down this artistic road. To see more, follow him on Instagram, visit his website, watch his videos on his YouTube Channel and purchase his paintings at


This Pour Is On Fire!

Whenever I do a pour painting, my natural inclination is to pick up several shades of blue and start mixing. Turquoise is my favorite color, and the liquid nature of pouring pushes toward a water-themed painting almost every time. Almost every time—but not this time. On this pour, I wanted something different. I wanted something …

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