This Pour Is On Fire!

Whenever I do a pour painting, my natural inclination is to pick up several shades of blue and start mixing. Turquoise is my favorite color, and the liquid nature of pouring pushes toward a water-themed painting almost every time. Almost every time—but not this time. On this pour, I wanted something different. I wanted something exciting rather than soothing. I wanted something bold rather than calm. I was looking for some fire!

Supplies I Used

I had never done a fire pour before, so I decided to keep things simple. I would only use two colors plus a swipe color. I went with what I had on hand, which was “Real Red” and “Real Yellow,” plus black, all made by Apple Barrel.

Lately, I have moved away from using Floetrol and have just been adding water to my paints, plus a few shots of Zinsser Paint Booster to help prevent the paint from cracking when it dries. I mixed up the red and yellow to a creamy consistency and left my black paint nice and thick.

I like to work fairly large, so I used a 16×20 inch canvas. I added several drops (actually a small squirt) of silicone to the red and yellow paints and poured it across the canvas. Finally, I poured on the black and carefully swiped it across the canvas.

What emerged was dramatic. The yellow and red stayed bright and the black added some beautiful dark contrast. I used a torch on the canvas just out of curiosity, to see if more cells would appear. A few did, but the piece mostly maintained its original splendor.

I think my fiery pour was a success. Take a look and see if you agree.



  1. A very nice pouring, thanks for this post! The combination of water, paint, and paint booster was new to me, I’ll try it out later. The result stands for itself.

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