A Daring Blue Flip Cup Acrylic Pour

As you may have experienced, making pour paintings is addictive. Sometimes it’s just so hard to stop! But eventually, you either run out of canvases, run out of paint, or it’s midnight and you have to go to bed. Whatever the case, eventually you have to do the last pour of the day.

My favorite thing to do with the last pour of the day is to gather up all those partial cups of paint that litter the counter and dump them all together to make one last, no-holds-barred, wild and crazy dirty flip cup.

Supplies I Used

  • Paint by FolkArt, available at Michaels and Walmart, or on Amazon. The five colors used were: Black, Teal, Wicker White, Platinum, and Marina Mist.
  • Silicone by 3in1 (In the video I mistakenly call it “3in1oil.” It is actually silicone made by the 3in1company)
  • Zinsser Paint Booster (a.k.a., Zinsser Flow Control Additive)
    Water (In Atlanta, I use the water right out of the faucet, but you may need to use bottled water.)
  • 16×20 inch canvas

This is the time to set aside all expectations. It sounds crazy, but on the last pour I actually try to mess up and do everything wrong. This is a great way to challenge what you perceive to be the “right” way to do a pour.

As I point out in the video, the worst thing that can happen is that you end up with an ugly canvas. In which case, you simply let it dry and pour over it next time.

Let the last pour of the day be an experiment without too much thought. Mix it up. If you normally start by adding a layer of white, start with black! Be a rebel and add silicone to the white for a change! Or don’t add any silicone at all!

If you normally add paint to your pouring cup by gently letting flow down the side, pour if from six inches above! If there is one thing I have discovered about pour painting, it’s that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Only different ways.


Your last pour of the day can be something unique and daring. It might turn out to be a mess, or it might just turn out to be your best pour painting of all time!

Above is the final result of my last pour of the day, as I show in the video. Who knew there would be a seahorse hiding in there?

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