Amazonia – Multi Cup Flip and Tilt

Time to break out the tiny cups! I’m trying some more crazy colors today and using up a few leftovers. I’ve just got these teeny tiny cups and they make me so happy, so its time for another multi-cup flip cup painting. I like how flexible this idea is. You can really move the paint around to get the result that pleases you.

Acrylic poured painting. This painting started life as a multicup flip, but you'll be amazed at how far you can stretch out the paints! One quardrant of the painting was picked and stretched to cover the canvas

Since I found a supply of these tiny cups, I’ve been just looking for ways (excuses) to use them. After glitter and metallics, miniature things are perhaps my next favorite. These cups are just 2 inches tall and are ideal for small amounts of paint, for things like the multi-cup flip and also for the flip and drag technique where often we have a tendency to use too big a cup or mix too much paint.

I went with some pretty crazy colors for this one – looks like a kids playbox when I have them lined up there at the start, but I think the end result is actually quite interesting. It looks somehow like a rainforest to me – I’ve called this painting Amazonia.

Materials used in this painting:
Blick Student Acrylics in Chrome Yellow and Chrome Orange
Liquitex Basics in Copper and Bronze
Sargent Art in Turquoise
Treadmill silicone oil
Canvas from economy pack
Mini flip cups
Polycrylic Protective Gloss Finish

Recipe for this painting:
The paints were all mixed 2 parts paint to 1 part Floetrol, water as needed for a creamy consistency. Treadmill silicone oil oil was added to each color – about 2 drops in each of the colors.

So in the end those crazy colors worked out for me again – or at least I think so. I loved the movement I got in this paintng, and even embrace the zig-zag effect from tilting it several times. It really does feel like waterways through the Amazon rainforest. And the veins of gold, well, you know that makes me happy!

Here are some photos from this pour, both wet and dry and close-ups of the details.


3 thoughts on “Amazonia – Multi Cup Flip and Tilt”

  1. Hi, would you tell me how many coats of polycrylic you put on paintings and how long to let painting dry before coating. Love your site. Thanks

    1. Sure. I leave them 4 weeks before adding the Polycrylic and then I will usually do 3 or 4 coats.

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