Using Art as an Inspiration for Your Pouring – Youtube Challenge

It’s that time of the month again – our latest Acrylic Pouring YouTube Challenge. This time Nicky was in charge of challenging us and she came up with a really novel idea to test our skills and our imagination. Our inspiration was am art nouveau poster. ‘L’oiseau Volage’ by George Barbier (1914). How we chose to interpret that image, or what inspiration we took from it was entirely up to us and as usual, none of us would know what the others were doing until the finished paintings were posted in our group just before the challenge went live.

Acrylic pouring art, youtube challenge piece. Using art as an inspiration for your pouring ideas

I decided to take a literal interpretation and try to create elements of the painting in similar colors, using various fluid acrylic techniques. There is pouring, swiping and blowing the paint, as well as some regular brushwork. I had also planned to draw in the birdcage but sadly I ran out of time on that. I needed a very fine paint marker and my local store only had medium ones which were really chunky and just wouldn’t work to draw the fine lines of the cage.

Materials used in this painting:
12-inch canvas from a multipack
Art Alternatives Acrylic paints in titanium white, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, silver and bright red
Decoart acrylic in Turquoise Blue
Artists Loft Iridescent Medium
Treadmill silicone
Canned air

I was disappointed to run out of time but overall I’m very pleased with the resulting painting. It gave me the opportunity to mix and match several techniques and try a bit of brushwork too. I will finish this off when I can get my hands on a nice fine marker to draw in the birdcage.

Please do visit YouTube here and check out all the links underneath the video to the other participants in this challenge. There are some awesome paintings this time and a huge amount of talent and inspiration for you to enjoy.

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