My Acrylic Collage: a Ray of Sunshine

I’ve mentioned my aversion to orange and yellow in the past, they’re just not my thing. But sometimes art is about stepping outside of your comfort zone. This pour was one of those times. My acrylic collage was beginning to feel a bit one note, all cool, deep colors, it was lacking the pop it needed.

Supplies I Used

I went around for some inspiration, checked the internet, took some walks, sorted through my paint stores. The only orange I had was a bit too vibrant, very in your face, and I feared it would overpower everything else. I obviously couldn’t add some black to it to tone down the color, so I went with a splash of some deep red I had from a previous pour. That really did the trick of mellowing it out but maintaining the pop I was looking for. I decided to do a little puddle pour with my new and improved orange and some metallics.

I want to find a sort of balance in this chaos of a canvas so I decided this drop of sunshine should go opposite my big red blob. And it just so happened that the colors it would be sandwiched between were roughly complementary.

Even though I don’t normally love these kinds of colors, this could be one of my smoothest pours to date. The paints were flowing, everything was going smoothly, the colors were blending together just so, literally no hitches in this pour!

This little orange waves were just the pop this painting needed! It laid over the other colors so nicely with its metallic sheen that the orange couldn’t possibly overpower or clash.

This time around I really proved to myself that a comfort zone might not always be the best place to be. Few people have done great things by playing it safe! I’ve only got one patch left on my little canvas, and I’m sure deciding what to fill it with will be a long and hard process, complete with a lot of sitting and staring.

So far this project has been rewarding and imperfect and a lot of what I never knew I needed as an artist. Frankly, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Acrylic Pouring Collage

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  1. I would also like to know why you paint on the backside of the canvas. When I read that you were doing a collage I expected it to be making use of dry acrylic skins by cut and paste, which I want to try but don’t know how to get started.

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