White Swipe with All My Leftover Paints

It’s time for a big workspace clean up. I’ve collected and hoarded lots of little pots of paint all left over from previous projects, some with very little in them. I’m running out of pots so I’m going to empty a lot of these out today. It’s like the crafters equivalent of Hoarders and I need to make room for more colors  🙂

Video. A fun acrylic swipe tutorial showing how you can use up all those small bits and pieces of leftover paints so that nothing goes to waste and you get a great bright acrylic swipe painting. Tutorial.

I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I made a ‘scrappy’ painting, using up all of the left over little bits and pieces of paint I have left hanging around. There are bound to be all sorts of colors, all sorts of types and brands of paints in there, some metallics, some mica paints, etc What would happen if I just threw them all together in a single painting?

Well, let’s see what happens. Will it work or will it all just be too much?

What do you think? Too much? Too many different colors? Or does it still work for you? I think having the yellow around the edge of the canvas and the other colors dripping over somehow brings it all together and that bright yellow balances the joyful explosion of color from everything else going on there. But that’s just me – I’m crazy about bright colors and can never have too many!

As usual, enjoy the slideshow below featuring photos both wet and dry, and closeups of the details in this very colorful painting!

9 thoughts on “White Swipe with All My Leftover Paints”

  1. Connie Brechtel

    Cannot find Art Alternative Evonomy Gold on the Amazon site or by google. You used it in your demo and I’d like to purchase Thanks!

    1. I’ve had a search around and it looks like you can order them from Walmart here. This is the link for the gold, but they to the other colors too – just not in the actual stores, only online. http://fave.co/2wEqTyS

    1. I rarely use alcohol because I experimented a lot and just didn’t get consistent results. I mostly use Floetrol for my pouring medium but also like the Sargent Art Gloss medium.

  2. I like this one very much because of the bright coulors. Some time when i’m having leftover paints i’m going to try it myself. It looks awsome!

  3. Did you have silicone in your paints or did the cells just pop up with the floetrol as your medium please? I loved the effect you achieved from all your left over paints. I will try it myself. Thanks a lot.

  4. I love & like the way you explain , you are sooo organized ,, I try to follow your instructions ,,You are a GOOD tutor .

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