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Acrylic Pouring For Beginners

We have a lot of information on our site, but these guides are the core of what you need to know to get started with acrylic pouring. They are updated regularly and fairly comprehensive, but if you want to get everything you need in one place and more in depth info then check out our ebook, A Beginners Guide to Acrylic Pouring or our online course Acrylic Pouring for Beginners.

Free Beginners Guides

Acrylic Pouring Terms You Need to Know – This glossary is for your reference when you run across terminology that may be new to you.

Acrylic Pouring Beginners Guide – This article gives an overview including why start acrylic pouring, the history of pouring, supplies you need, techniques overview, and a step by step tutorial

Acrylic Pouring Supplies Guide – Goes in depth on supplies you need, and supplies you may want to try for different effects

Pouring Mediums Guide – Gives in depth information on the most common pouring mediums

Complete Acrylic Pouring Techniques Guide – Gives an overview of pouring techniques for beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists

Dirty Pour Tutorial – Teaches how to do a dirty pour and what you need to start

Flip Cup Tutorial – Teaches how to do a flip cup pour

Our Blog

We regularly post to our blog and have a variety of different categories we cover. The most recent post is always located at the top of each category and the blog as a whole. Check out the links below to see what we cover throughout our blog and find what will help you. You can also use the search bar at the bottom of each page to find what you need.

  • Our Blog – Here you’ll find everything we’ve ever posted and the most recent posts will be at the top
  • Beginner Tutorials – This will be the most helpful section for our beginners and includes all our best tutorials
  • Recipes and Videos – Includes recipes for specific pours taught by our artists and also includes videos we’ve made covering how to make different pours
  • Technique Tutorials – These posts cover specific techniques and how to do them, or how to adjust them to achieve different results
  • Organization and Prep – This covers how to organize your painting workshop for the best results and to avoid common mistakes
  • Product Reviews & Tests – Our artists review how effective different products are for pouring and test using them so you don’t have to!
  • Mixing Paints – Different techniques and insights into mixing paints and what recipes to use to generate different results
  • Pimp Your Pour – This category covers things you can do after you pour to make it better, or how to add different embellishments
  • Courses – Here we have contributions from different course creators and review courses to help you find the right ones for your situation

Acrylic Pouring for the Intermediate and Advanced

Once you hit a certain level you’ll want to move beyond the basics. Now you’re starting to develop your own style and experimenting as well as learning from other artists.

Although most courses available are focused on beginners, we do recommend one course for more experienced pourers and that’s Mastering Fluid Acrylic: Foundation Techniques. This course is for those looking to solidify their foundation in acrylic pouring. It covers in depth mixing techniques and paint and medium properties that make a huge difference in how you approach the art. Artists who have been pouring for months, or even years will still find value in this course and there’s a 30 day guarantee if you don’t.

Other free and paid resources for Intermediate and Advanced pourers:

Finishing Your Paintings

Using Resin

Adding Embellishment

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