Exploring the Value of “Weird” Art

Artists are an eclectic bunch of weirdos, aren’t we? We see beauty in strange places. Especially in our big, vibrant Facebook community—creative, imaginative art comes in all shapes and sizes.

As a moderator in the group, I see just about every reported post that comes through. Sometimes the posts are spam, sometimes it’s a violation of our sacred “scroll past” law. But, every once in awhile, the Acrylic Pouring hive starts to buzz over something truly fascinating.

“Weird” art.

What is “Weird” Art?

I’m classifying “weird” art as anything we’ve seen reported for just the simple reason that something about it makes folks uncomfortable (obviously excluding disturbing or very graphic art, that’s different). A few months back, for example, a member of our Acrylic Pouring Facebook Group (which you should definitely join) posted a pour done over a baby doll’s eyeless head. This post was reported dozens of times, and the comments were extremely negative.

“This is sick.”

“This isn’t art.”


“I hope you get kicked out of the group.”

But….why? Why the vitriol? I found the negativity surrounding a seemingly innocent if not strange piece, extremely fascinating.

Is it Art?

One of my favorite movies, Mona Lisa Smile, asks this question. Who says something is “art”? What makes a piece “good”?

In my estimation and according to most people I’ve asked, the intensity of your feelings when you see a piece or essentially, how it moves you, is the measurement of whether it’s “good.” Even pieces that are a little strange or slightly uncomfortable have value in the feelings they provoke. Did it make you think? About what? Creating a thought provoking piece is a challenge. Creating an emotion-evoking piece is equally as challenging.

The Odd Market

Life is so mass produced these days that consumers crave something unique and thought provoking. Art speaks a different language to each person who views it, and isn’t that the magic of what we do? There are plenty of consumers looking for something a little weird, a little different. There is a definite market for strange and unusual pieces.

Final Thoughts

I say, weird is good. Create art that is genuine to your vision, don’t only create what you think others will like or what’s the point?

And remember— even if you don’t like something, you are not legally obligated to be mean about it.

Stay weird, and happy pouring!

5 thoughts on “Exploring the Value of “Weird” Art”

  1. Well said Sara, I totally agree. Art is so subjective. My gramma always said, “if you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say anything at all!” Thank you for your thoughts on this subject.

  2. Great blog post. Thank you for covering this topic. I agree 100% Art is to create a feeling, provoke each individual in some way. We’re not all going to love or even like certain pieces but that doesn’t mean it isn’t art. Art is strange, beautiful, peaceful and haunting.. so on and so on. Art should make one think outside the box. That’s only my personally feeling. Thank you again for covering this topic

    1. Thank you for reading it! Art is a visualization of what’s inside of a person, and it’s not always conventionally beautiful, that’s for sure.

  3. If art were only beautiful scenes, pastoral pictures, proportionate and soothing and lovely, how incredibly boring it would be! Stay weird, embrace weird and stop being sheeple people. Really great art is thought provoking, unique and sometimes it might even make you feel uncomfortable…and that is what makes it great.

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