Varnishing with Decoart Triple Thick Glaze

How are you finishing your paintings? In order to protect the surface and bring a high gloss shine, many painters like to give the finishing picture a few coats of varnish. Our preferred method has always been the Polycrylic Varnish in Gloss from Min Wax, but just lately we’ve also been hearing good things about this Triple Thick product from DecoArt.

Here’s an example of it being used and a review – looks pretty good! We feature several options in the store, all of the Polycrylic varnishes both in liquid and in sprays and also we’ve added this Triple Thick too. Certainly looks worth trying. While you are in the store, don’t forget to get yourself a really nice varnish brush too. You’ll be so glad you did.

As Annemarie says “Triple Thick does the trick!

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Finishing and varnishing your paintings with DecoArt Triple Thick glaze.  VIDEO.

4 thoughts on “Varnishing with Decoart Triple Thick Glaze”

  1. Patricia Schloer

    Thank u Annamarie, u do a terrific teaching job in spite of a few bad comments (Linda) Plan on following your methods as I am starting out in doing this pouring method. Patti

  2. Is there a difference between using Min Wax Tripple Thick and DecoArt Triple Thick? Do you prefer one over the other?

  3. Hi! That was great. Looking forward to trying a new product. I usually topcoat my art on Lazy susans with resin but I’m curious about the triple thick… How is it with heat resistance and discoloration over time? Is it durable?

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