Using Varnish as a Pouring Medium

6 thoughts on “Using Varnish as a Pouring Medium”

  1. Did you use the liquid varnish only in the white? Do you still have to seal it? Blessings, Lin

    1. June L Kimmelman

      I have been trying my hand at Acylic pouring, and have been getting better after making mistakes. I haven’t tried adding Varnish to give it a sheen. Would love some tips on using it as a pouring meium.

  2. You didn’t mention what kind of bait you are using, meaning what brand. That would be nice to know.

  3. I’m a new acrylic pourer and finding some recipes quite expensive , is there any alternatives to the Sheerart recipes instead of wood and metal base C and polycrylic ? Thanks Karen Hemstock UK

    1. You can paint on almost any surface using house paint. You may need to thin some with small amounts of water. Test on paper or glass instead of the surface you are painting on.

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