Using an Iridescent Medium in a Swipe Painting

I’m feeling classy and elegant this week. Or at least in my choice of colors anyway. I find that a more neutral color scheme seems to fit well with more modern decor in a lot of cases, so I’m creating a swipe in cream, gold, browns and black – but I need more sparkle so let’s try something new today!

Using iridescent medium in acrylic paints. Artists Loft iridescent <a href=medium used in an acrylic pour and swipe painting” width=”600″ height=”1376″ />

I’ve had this iridescent medium on my shelf for about 6 months, since I picked it up thinking it was some kind of shiny white paint on my trip to the US. So when I picked out the colors for this pour and decided that the browns needed more sparkle to help them fit with the gold, it was the ideal time to test it out.

I have no idea how much to add, so I used 3 parts paint to 1 part iridescent medium. I mixed those together first before adding the Floetrol, water and silicone. It did lighten the colors a little, and give them some shimmer, but how would they work in the swipe and how would they look when dry?

Materials used in this painting:
Art Alternatives acrylics in titanium white, gold, burnt umber, burnt sienna and black
Blick Student Acrylics in yellow ochre to add to the white to make cream
Treadmill belt silicone oil
Canvas– nice gallery wrapped 12-inch canvas
8oz squeeze bottles
4oz cups with lids
Artist Loft iridescent medium
Polycrylic gloss protective finish

Recipe for this painting:
All paints were mixed approx 2 parts paint, 1 part Floetrol plus water as needed to consistency. A couple of drops of the silicone oil in each color except the background white

OOh, sparkly! That iridescent medium certainly added a little extra shine and sparkle to those otherwise flat and lifeless brown paints. It certainly made them fit in a lot more with the gold, and you could really see the sparkle where the brown paint was swiped over the black. Now I wish I had a lot more of this stuff so I could add it to ALL my paints!

As usual, here is my slideshow of photos from this pour, both wet and dry, and some nice close-ups of the details.

6 thoughts on “Using an Iridescent Medium in a Swipe Painting”

  1. Barbara Yaroski

    It is hard to think of words to describe how lovely this painting is.
    It surely makes me want to get painting & experimenting.

  2. All the best in your upcoming surgery Debi. The techniques you used on this painting gives your painting a whole new dimension, I like it, but not my favourite. The one here I love is the black background & the striping gold in the middle. Very elegant looking.

  3. Valerie Waroway

    Thanks so much to be open to experimenting for us. You are really giving to so many of us who have the stuff, but have hardly done any actual work.
    Right now I have the plan to quilt up my stash. I have made so many mistakes
    when I am cutting or sewing, but, like you, I don’t like to waste anything, so I always manage to make something that I like to give away, usually to kids that I work with. Right now, I am enjoying your videos and finding them very relaxing. And, yay for the things that don’t work. How else would we ever have change or progress?! Valerie Waroway, a fan.
    P S Many people have you in their thoughts.??

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