Swiping a Mini Canvas with Black and a Tip Over!

I had a few left over colors at the end of a larger pour today and was keen to revisit a painting I had done a while back now where I swiped with black. It’s still one of my all time favorites and I just wanted a mini version to go with it.

So you’ll join me with most of the colors already in place, and I’m so glad I videoed this because once I’d swiped and was happy – I knocked it over. I am SO clumsy. I often put my thumb into something I’ve just painted, or I’ll tip it, or touch it to see if it’s dry and it’s not, or I’ll reach over a painting to get my cloth and stick my arm into the wet paint.

Pin MeAcrylic swipe with black, acrylic pouring. Video tutorial for how to create cells with swiping acrylic paints.

But thankfully not much harm was done and I could easily touch up the edges. Phew. Now this is one of my favorite minis 🙂 at least while it’s wet.

Sadly when dry the purple went quite dark and even more so once I added the varnish so you can barely see it. That’s a shame because it was really vibrant before. I’ll have to remember this about my violet in future, it’s almost black when dried!

Check out the slideshow below for wet and dry pictures, and more of the details.

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