Two Very Different Springtime Swipes (With Black and White)

For me, inspiration often comes from nature, and right now the state of Georgia is exploding with color. To celebrate spring, I decided to create a painting on a 16×20 inch canvas using bright spring colors…and then I decided to do a second one!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m still hesitant to do a swipe on a perfectly good pour painting. I’m always afraid I’m going to mess it up somehow. Which is silly because even if you do ruin a painting or two, all you have to do is let it dry and then pour over it again. In any case, I set my mind to do a nice white swipe over some beautiful springtime colors.

As I was mixing up the colors, I had a moment of indecision: Maybe I should do a black swipe instead of white. That’s when I decided this pour would actually be a little experiment—I would do both!

Supplies I Used


Recently I have been adding water and Zinsser Paint Booster to my colors, rather than Floetrol, and I have to say, that has been working fine for me. You’ll see in the video that after mixing up my colors, I added a little shot of silicone to everything except the swipe colors.

Both swipes went off without a hitch, but Wow! They sure turned out looking different. Logically, I knew they would; after all, one swipe was light and one was dark. But emotionally and visually, the difference was shocking.

Spring Swipe with Black

Between the two paintings, I really preferred the black swipe. It seemed so much richer, darker, and juicer than the white. In my mind, the black swipe definitely won the side-by-side comparison.

Fifteen minutes later, my wife walked into the room, went straight to the white swipe and said, “I love this one!” I guess everyone sees things a little differently. I’ll let you decide which one you like better. Both of these will be for sale on my Etsy store. Keep on pouring!

Spring Swipe with White

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Steve Shaw is an artist and teacher living in Atlanta, Georgia. His days are spent in the classroom teaching his students the basics of art and self-expression. In the evenings and weekends, he paints. Steve has shown his work in several galleries in the Southeast and has illustrated three children’s books. Recently Steve has discovered acrylic pour painting and is putting all his other projects on hold while he journeys down this artistic road.

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