Resin with Mica Pigments on a Vinyl LP Record

My first attempt at using resin to create a resin ‘painting’ wasn’t altogether successful due to my choice of paints, so today I am trying something new with a different way of coloring my resin. I will be using mica pigments left over from the days when I used to make soaps and cosmetics. Let’s see how they get on when mixed with resin to create art.

In this video I go over a simple resin technique as mainly an acrylic pouring artist. If you’re interested in improving your overall resin skills and learning some new techniques I recommend Ann Upton’s Resin Course. She’s a resin expert and has put together this course to teach beginners the basics, and the more advanced some of her specific techniques she uses to create incredible beach scenes. She also has an option to bundle the resin supplies she uses in a resin kit that makes it easy to follow along and know you’re using exactly what she is.

Resin art painting with metallic mica pigments. This art is created on an old vinyl record - video tutorial shows you how.

These old micas have really lovely colors, although I don’t have a massive range of colors, but there are a lot of nice metallics and lots of them have very pretty sparkle to them. They don’t cost me anything and are just sat there not being used so it makes sense to try to keep costs down when learning and experimenting.

Materials used in this project:
EnviroTex Lite resin
12 inch LP record
Random old spray paints
Soap making mica pigments\

Those micas worked SO well! I was really pleased and I admit a little bit surprised. Just a small amount created very rich color in the resin and it appears to be totally opaque, and naturally very sparkly and shiney. They are a winner for sure – and all for free! I’ll certainly be rummaging through my stash and seeing what other lovely colors I have to work with.

As usual, here is a slideshow of photos for this project, both wet and cured. Doesn’t really look any different when dry than it does when it was first poured. I must have done a good job with the leveling 🙂

9 thoughts on “Resin with Mica Pigments on a Vinyl LP Record”

  1. Wow Deby that’s marvellous ?? I have mica and resin!
    How did you bung up the hole in the LP?
    Come home to us soon hon ?

  2. hi DEBY.
    Trust you are well. What do i need to make my own Pouring medium?
    Razack Abbas
    South Africa

    1. You can make your own pouring medium, or mix and match several options to create a perfect recipe for you. Most people however seem to pick a single medium to use in their pours because it may give a more predictable result when you get familiar with using it. Check out the options for pouring mediums here –

  3. Zegarek Barbara

    Best wishes to you for speedy recovery and thanks so much for sharing you pour painting experiences with every one!

  4. Hi Deby, love the record Lp done in the Mica! What did the back look like, how did you finish it (was it messy, from the resin pour?).And did you attach a hanger of some sort to the back?
    Thanks for doing that piece, very inspiring!

    1. I had taped off the back so once it was hardening, I pulled off the tape and all the drips came away. So the back is clean. I haven’t attached a hanger yet because this one is for sale, so I enclose a hanger for the buyer to add depending on what way up they like to hang it. It’s just a small d-ring hanger that can be glued onto the back.

  5. Deby, you are an inspiration. I’ve read and looked at alk the beautiful art works here on pinterest, but after losing the use of my dominant right arm, hand, fingers, I didnt think I could do much in the way of pour painting or any other type. But im going to try with left hand now see what I can do. I haven’t felt like myself, as usually creative in a number of ways, but I feel brighter and more optimistic! Thank you for giving a little of your story here, its meant a lot to me. I need to stop watching TV so much and start experimenting with art again. Many thanks, all the best.
    Well wishes,

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