Stunning Acrylic Pouring Example on Ceramic Tiles

This time I’m working on a ceramic tile, and I’ve prepared it in advance by giving it a coat of gesso and then by painting the edges and the corners black. On a white glossy tile, I’ve had the paint slide off those shiny edges and leave it a bit thin there. Painting with black took away that possibility and I wouldn’t feel I had to tip the paint so much over the edge and lose any design I might like.

Acrylic pouring video. How to create cells with a flip cup dirty pour and how to add a little sparkle and magic with a secret ingredient!

Again I was using black, magenta, gold, violet and my special magic ingredient – my fine iridescent glitter ‘paint’. And this time it turned out beautifully, exactly as I had hoped. In fact, stunning!

It was so nice that I plan to make more just like it, although I’m a bit short on tiles and need to save them for other projects right now. But I did use my leftover bits of paint to create a little mini to match my tile. Love these tiny 3-inch canvases. Perfect for creating beautiful art from your leftover paints. Get the pack with the stands, they look really good and make nice presents, or nice bonus items when someone has a full sized painting from you.


Check out the slideshow below for lots more pictures, wet and dry and the closeup of the details. Thanks for looking.

17 thoughts on “Stunning Acrylic Pouring Example on Ceramic Tiles”

    1. I added about 50% floetrol and then water as needed, plus 2 or 3 drops of silicone oil to each color. Hope that helps.

    2. Beautifully amazing. What brand of gold do you use. I have yet to find a gold that doesn’t dull when put in the cup pour.
      Thank you for your time.

    1. I use an iridescent ultra fine glitter that I had left over from soapmaking and mixed it with some floetrol to pour into the paints. Was so pretty when it dried!

    1. I’ve found it better to paint straight on the tile and then make sure to use a good sealer afterwards. Because the surface is not pourous, if I gesso first, the gesso can wrinkle and come away from the poured paint later on.

  1. I am just learning about this process. A friend showed me a video of someone pouring on canvas and the first thing I thought was that I would love to make some tiles for part of my kitchen backsplash when we remodel. Do you think these would be mountable amongst a backsplash and hold up?

    1. I honestly don’t know Heather. It would depend what sort of sealer you put on top of the paint, whether it was water proof and how well it would hold up to scrubbing. You might want to make a few tiles and test them, soak them, give them a good scrub etc and see what happens.

  2. I found first wash the tiles in warm water and dish soap rinse after drying I use Rustoleum ultra cover 2x primer black or white ,after pouring has dried,seal with 3 coats of varathane spray lawyer.used that on my bathroom backsplash and it holds up great!

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