Multi-Cup Flip Cup Acrylic Pour with Ocean Colors

I really enjoyed doing that chocolate multi-cup flip cup painting so thought I would try again with a different color scheme. I love my blues and greens and ocean colors so let’s give it a try today and create something pretty – oh dear, famous last words! This one did not work out  ๐Ÿ™

Well, the idea was good. Let’s do the same as last time but use different colors. I’m usually good with putting my blues and greens together, but today something was just ‘off’. It was an OK painting –  the glitter and the iridescence was cool I admit, but I think I just added too much white to my flip cups and perhaps that blue/green shade wasn’t quite right. So then I started messing with it – I did make a really pretty dipped canvas which I like. But after that, it quickly went down hill and resulted in just a lot of wasted paint – and some useful experience.


Materials used in this project:
12-inch square gallery wrapped canvas
Pebeo Studio Acrylics in Iridescent Blue Green
Blick Student Acrylics in Cobalt Blue and Titanium White
Art Alternatives in Ultramarine blue
Sargent Art Turquoise
Martha Stewart Glitter paint in Lapis
Floetrol and Treadmill belt lubricant

Recipe for this project:
Paints were mixed 1 part Floetrol to 2 parts paint
Water added as necessary to get the right pouring consistency
1 drop of silicone oil per color

So that was one hot mess today. It wasn’t too bad a painting, but it just wasn’t loving it so that canvas is washed and saved to use on another project another day. I can do better I hope. If you’re interested in other beach or ocean pours check out 7 Ocean Inspired Pours for Beach Lovers.

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