Primary Color Cym Youtube Acrylic Pouring Collaboration

It’s time for another YouTube challenge. This time we will be using a simple bright color scheme and have to create a painting with a negative space. It was inspired by a video we discussed in the group about color mixing, and what were the true primary colors. I’ll include that video down the bottom of this article because it’s very interesting.

Acrylic paint pouring cells using CYM primary colors on a negative space background. Full step by step video on how to make cells with acrylic paints.

So our challenge was to use the CYM primary colors – Cyan, Yellow and Magenta, plus black or white to create a pour with negative space. I decided to use white for my background and create a diagonal pour with a flip cup in the center which I would then stretch out from corner to corner across the canvas, with white in the opposite corners. I prepared the canvas in advance by painting the edges with the white so that I didn’t have to worry about tilting enough to tip off the white over the edges.

In this painting I am using:
Art Alternatives Titanium White and Magenta (seller ships Free worldwide)
Liquitex Basics Cerulean Blue
Blick Student Acrylic in Chrome Yellow
Treadmill Belt Silicone
KY True Feel Dimethicone oil

Recipe for the paint mix:
1 part paint
1 part Floetrol
Water as needed
1 drop of treadmill silicone in the white and magenta
1 drop of dimethicone in the yellow
None in the blue

Ooh, so pretty! Yes I did get rather more green than I expected (duh), but it was a nice bright yellowy green so I wasn’t upset. I think using the Cerulean Blue rather than the cobalt blue gave me a nicer green in this primary mix. I would certainly use these colors again. I should do that in a future pour and layer in the colors differently so the blue and yellow aren’t next to each other. Then I would get most likely, a totally different look.

As usual, enjoy the slideshow below with images both wet and dry, and closeups of this painting. And don’t forget to click through to YT and see the links underneath the video for the other painters results in this YouTube challenge.

The video about color that inspired this challenge –> Watch right through to the end where he actually mixes what we would recognise as a primary blue from two colors.

3 thoughts on “Primary Color Cym Youtube Acrylic Pouring Collaboration”

  1. Hi
    I watched the truth about color and loved it. I knew already that most ‘primary’ colours aren’t pure and therefore wouldn’t yield the results I wanted if mixed, but his explanation about Cyan etc really made it clear and helps me a lot in achieving the results I want.
    Thanks for sharing

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