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Acrylic Pour Painting on a Vinyl Record (Beginner Tutorial)

I thought it was going to be impossible to actually find any records here on the island. I went to all 3 charity shops and came up blank. I put an advert in the paper – nothing. Then a FB friend came up trumps – he had found 8 old records in the garden shed when he moved into his house. The sleeves are in bad condition, but the vinyl records are fine for painting on.

I was so excited, I really want these to look like planets. I took left over colors from a swipe I did here which I really wasn’t that keen on, but I thought the organic and natural looking colors would be great for a planet pour.

It was noisy at home today so I recorded the video without audio and added some music. Turn the sound down if it annoys you. At the end I do come in and show the finished record and its quiet now so I can speak. A big thank you to Jake for enabling me to continue painting 🙂

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How to paint a planet on an old LP vinyl record with acrylic pouring - video tutorial

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Acrylic Pour Painting on a Vinyl Record (Beginner Tutorial)

5 thoughts on “Acrylic Pour Painting on a Vinyl Record (Beginner Tutorial)”

    1. You place a sticker over the hole. The ones you buy in a stationery store.
      You buy them in sheets where you would find the envelopes.
      Put one on front and back. I like to paint the back a darker colour to hide run marks, a small roller works best.

  1. I enjoyed watching you manipulate the color spread buy turning the record as well as tilting…very nice. Thank you for sharing.

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