Acrylic Pouring Without Silicone or Torching (Part 4: More Apple Barrel Paints)

I’m starting to get a little bit frustrated now in my quest for the perfect recipe or magic formula for creating cells without silicone and torching. Day 1 was a huge and unexpected success and then days 2 and 3 were not at all. So what is the missing ingredient? What created that reaction on day 1 and what was missing on days 2 and 3. Let’s give it another try today by going back to the original paints, and use some more Apple Barrel brand, but in different colors.

Apple Barrel paints on test for an acrylic pouring flip cup.

See the previous parts of this hunt for the elusive magic formula series here:

The recipe for today:

Nope. No cells. Even with the Apple Barrel paints again. So it must surely be something to do with the exact paints I used in the original painting. That did have the leftover gold paint that had most likely been mixed with some Floetrol in it plus water. There may have even been a drop or two of silicone in there left over from a previous pour. But would it have all been sufficient to really make such a big difference in the painting as a whole?

In the next experiment, I am going to try to exactly replicate the painting I did on Day 1 with the Apple Barrel paints in those coffee colors plus the metallic gold. Now that WILL be interesting. Can I do it exactly the same again when all of these other tries have failed? Come back tomorrow to find out!

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