Black Acrylic Swipe with Brights Sample Pack

This Brights Sample Pack was part of my recent craft haul from my trip to the US so I thought it was time to break it out today and I had the perfect project for it. Bright colors are just crying out to be matched with a black swipe I think.

Video. Black acrylic swipe painting. Some of these cells look like snake skin! How to create cells with an acrylic swipe painting video.

In this black acrylic swipe painting I used:

Crafter’s Acrylics Bright Sample Pack
Art Alternatives Black acrylic paint (pre-mixed)
Floetrolas my pouring medium
A drop or two of siliconein the colors, none in the black
No water was needed in the bright paints
12 inch square Art Alternatives canvas (from value pack)

Ah, after the trials over the last 7 days with my search for the elusive magic formula, I’ve decided to just have some painting fun today and get back to my ‘old’ formula that I know works really well for swipes. This Brights Sample Pack is perfect for this swipe. It’s like a ready-made painting kit – just add black and something to paint on and you have the perfect swipe painting with no need to match your own colors.

My heart is happy again now. The sweet satisfaction of seeing all those cells popping up through the black without any effort or crazy formula. In fact I think I should do another one. I’ve not done a swipe with white for a while so let’s do that next. I have a lot of pre-mixed paints to use up so I can wash my cups. Let’s make the next one a ‘scrappy’ painting!

As usual, enjoy the slideshow below with pictures both wet and dry, and closeups of all the lovely cells and details in this painting.

7 thoughts on “Black Acrylic Swipe with Brights Sample Pack”

  1. You make my heart smile. The joy that you get out of painting and just trying different things is what it is all about. I’ve watched each of your videos that I can find! If I happen to decide to come to the Caymans in October I do hope I run into you. Happy experimenting!

    1. I would love that! Let me know when you are coming and perhaps we can meet up for coffee in town somewhere.

  2. Enjoyed your video. You mentioned if you had used silicone, you would have had to “clean” the painting. What does that mean? You are the first to mention this techique. What do you use to varnish your painting?
    Kay from Illinois. A beginner learning to paint while being a Senior Citizen

  3. This is lovely! I tried to do my first swipe with a paint card, and I guess I used too much pressure. It seemed to just push the paint down to the canvas. Ill keep trying! You make it look so easy, and it is indeed mesmerizing. Love it!

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